Veterans Pest Control Case Study

When Saba Cetawayo decided to set up shop on his own, he knew he needed to choose software that would support his commercial services year-round.

November 14, 2022
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Veterans Pest Control Case Study
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About The Company 

As a retired U.S. Air Force veteran, Saba Cetawayo wanted to honor his military experience when choosing a name for his company. He brought many values from service to pest control when he started Veterans Pest Control in February 2021. Having worked for several years in a large company, he was committed to providing a high-quality service to protect health and property. 

The Challenge 

Saba planned on achieving sustainable growth from the first day of business. He soon realized that the manual system the company was using to manage schedules, routes, and communication was not going to cut the mustard. Not only was he spending long hours completing administrative tasks, but he was also drowning in paper. The writing was on the wall — the business needed greater efficiency to grow. He asked trusted industry colleagues for advice on tools he could use to scale and grow the business. 

The Solution 

Having first tried an alternative software solution and finding it too complicated, Saba turned to his mentor for advice. He knew his business needed technology that was user-friendly and also had the capacity to grow with the business. Throughout his research, the name he kept coming across was FieldRoutes™ software.

Since Veterans Pest Control mainly handles commercial accounts such as nursing homes, hotels, and apartment complexes, one of the main benefits of using FieldRoutes is that it helps maintain the professional image the company is known for.

Not only this, but commercial customers especially appreciate the visibility the customer portal gives them. Whether they want to review the service professionals’ schedules or even the identity of the technician carrying out the service that day for security reasons, they are able to do so on their own time through the portal.

Automated scheduling is another significant advantage of using the software. Before implementing software, the business was doing everything on paper. Not only was this a cumbersome process, but it also made managing reoccurring services difficult and tiresome. The ability to efficiently organize schedules and routes eliminated the mess and many hours of labor. This part of the process went from taking hours each day to being set in nothing flat on a monthly basis.

Another improvement brought by FieldRoutes is the impact it has had on collections. With this, all customers are now making payments through the customer portal. Giving customers the flexibility to pay their accounts at their convenience has meant that customers pay quicker, helping to keep the revenue stream flowing.

Last but not least, the comprehensive reporting offered by FieldRoutes means that Saba can quickly identify the most profitable services to identify growth opportunities and train his sales team to concentrate on those, ultimately increasing revenue.

The Impact 

The first positive impact the business saw was the streamlined onboarding process. Owing to the fact that his staff was able to get up and running quickly with the software, it didn’t take long for efficiency and productivity to be enhanced. Amazingly, they didn’t even use all the training hours offered but Saba reports that they have benefited greatly from the responsiveness of Customer Support whenever they have reached out with questions.

Secondly, using FieldRoutes to organize and manage routes has transformed the way they operate and allowed them to enhance efficiency exponentially. This has brought advantages to his business and also his personal life, giving him back time that he can now spend with his family. 

Communication with customers is another area of the business that has grown stronger with the use of FieldRoutes. The customer portal has revolutionized the way they interact with customers. Commercial customers in particular are impressed by the ease with which they can manage their accounts. The availability of the customer portal has helped enrich the brand by strengthening its professional image.

Since implementing FieldRoutes in October 2021, Veterans Pest Control has been able to save hours each day. As a business focused mainly on commercial accounts, the software has enabled heightened efficiency and productivity leading to sustainable growth. The added professionalism introduced by the software has also made their customers more confident in referring their services to others, thereby increasing brand awareness. Finally, the dashboard has boosted the visibility of key performance indicators (KPIs) and allowed Saba to make data-driven decisions that continue to stimulate growth.

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Veterans Pest Control Case Study

When Saba Cetawayo decided to set up shop on his own, he knew he needed to choose software that would support his commercial services year-round.

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