Pestmaster Case Study

What began as a mission to build a national pest control company has now become a 40-franchisee reality, with branches across 23 states. But the growth is not over yet, and the right software will help them get there. 

January 10, 2023
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Pestmaster Case Study
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About The Company 

Since opening its first office in 1979, Pestmaster® has grown yearly and continues to expand into new territories. Currently boasting 40 franchise locations, the industry-leading pest control company continues to evolve and develop. Christi Quatro, the Franchise Marketing Coach, summarized their strategy, stating that they are “shooting for the stars” with a focus on acquiring multiple new franchises next year while also bolstering the success of current franchisees. 

The Challenge

With different franchisees using different software solutions, streamlined growth can be a challenge. Comparing metrics gets complicated when you’re comparing apples with oranges. When Pestmaster® discovered FieldRoutes, they saw an opportunity to recommend their franchisees use a superior product that would benefit all business areas. 

The Solution 

Beyond the cutting-edge capabilities of the software, it was critical to choose a solution that came with the right level of support. For Pestmaster®, selecting the right software provider has always been about more than the technology. They found that FieldRoutes offered the level of support they were looking for; in Christi’s words, “we have a partnership. There is a lot of value in that. It’s more than just a service.” The hands-on training offered by the FieldRoutes team was indispensable in getting them onboarded. It has helped franchisees get up and running as quickly as possible with the basics they need to use the software to run their businesses. Moreover, when any questions or issues arise, Christi appreciates the responsiveness of the FieldRoutes support team and the speed with which questions are answered. 

It’s no secret that the unique needs of pest control companies need to be met by the software they use to operate their businesses. In FieldRoutes, they found a solution that offered all the tools required and simultaneously made it simple to start using them. One standout feature for franchisees is the dashboard. Having the ability to view and digest their metrics quickly ensures they can stay on top of what’s working well and hone their focus on those services, making the dashboard a crucial component of growth. 

Businesses must use various apps and solutions to operate, and Pestmaster® is no exception. The ability to seamlessly integrate these solutions with the software is imperative. Christi, summed it up when she said that “the ability to integrate FieldRoutes with other solutions like QuickBooks changes simplifies things.” When you have owner-operators working 10- hour days, the power of FieldRoutes is to give a little of that time back without reducing profitability. Last but not least, the communication features offered by FieldRoutes hold great potential for Pestmaster® franchisees. Christi signaled the power of text messaging in building customer relationships: “Staying connected with customers and letting them know about pest threats gives the company the competitive edge because how many pest control companies are doing that? No one else is doing that.” 

The Impact 

As Pestmaster® continues to grow, the partnership with FieldRoutes ensures that franchisees can make data-driven decisions that boost their growth. Built to help businesses scale, the software is ideally suited to assisting franchises of different sizes in achieving their growth goals. As Christi Quatro put it, “FieldRoutes is a member of your team.” The impact of such a mighty employee is unprecedented growth.

How Pestmaster® is growing with FieldRoutes: 

  • Projected to open 23 new franchise locations in 2023 

  • All new franchises are driven to use FieldRoutes because it’s the superior software 

  • Franchisees can maximize their territory by using everything the software has to offer

“FieldRoutes is a member of your team. It’s your first employee and will become your most important employee because it’s built specifically for your business.” 

CHRISTI QUATRO, Franchise Marketing Coach 9716 S Virginia St., Ste. E. Reno, NV 89511

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