Go-Forth Pest Control Case Study

After working with a FieldRoutes’ competitor, Go-Forth Pest Control needed a solution that aligned with their business goals.

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After working with a FieldRoutes’ competitor, Go-Forth Pest Control needed a solution that aligned with their business goals.

About the Company

Go-Forth Pest Control, founded in 1959 by Frank and Johnie Goforth, is headquartered in Greensboro, NC. In 2011, they merged with Lake Norman Pest Control to further their reach. With six office locations, 46 field technicians, 10 office employees, seven managers, and five marketing employees, they take pride in their professionalism and expertise, and they remain committed to providing reliable service to each of their customers.

The Challenge

Go-Forth had been using a FieldRoutes’ competitor, but there were some challenges. First, there was only one report option for the accounts receivable (A/R). Since there were no filters on the report, this made it difficult when they needed to look up specific customers. Second, since the competitor didn’t update their software, it would frequently go down. Additionally, there was no built-in routing software. Go-Forth’s technicians would schedule and route themselves based on zip codes, but some technicians would have routes that would overlap with other technicians’ zip codes. This created inefficiencies with scheduling and time wasted on driving. Lastly, the reporting data wasn’t clean and the competitor outsourced their customer service, which made for some bad experiences.

The Solution

When searching for a new software solution, it was important that Go-Forth found a partner that was aligned with their values. After searching the Internet and speaking with other software providers, Go-Forth found FieldRoutes. As trivial as it may sound, the fact that FieldRoutes used the term “subscriptions” helped solidify the change in culture that the owner was making. For example, after 60 years of charging customers after services rendered, it was a big deal to sell pest control services on a subscription basis and charge customers an equal monthly payment amount on the particular day of the month they signed up. Additionally, for a software company to charge on a per-customer basis versus a per-user basis showed that FieldRoutes was invested in helping them grow. Lastly, they liked the transparency that FieldRoutes showed by adding the pricing on the website.

The Impact

The FieldRoutes™ operations suite has made a significant impact on Go-Forth’s business. At the time they went live with the software, they had 83 employees. By the end of the year, they had grown 25% but also reduced their headcount because increased efficiencies meant they didn’t have to replace technicians who were terminated, quit, or retired. After their first year using the platform, they calculated that they had saved $150,000 overall. Prior to FieldRoutes, Go- Forth technicians averaged six stops per day. Today, they doubled their efficiencies so that they are making 12 stops per day. They also like that they can assign tasks remotely. This was extremely helpful when everyone had to work from home during COVID-19. They used Triggers and Alerts to assign additional tasks to their call center when they weren’t on the phone. Finally, they enjoy the fact that FieldRoutes is intuitive, easy-to-use, mobilefriendly, and has helped them achieve their goal of becoming paperless.

Since implementing the FieldRoutes™ platform, Go-Forth Pest Control has:

  • Saved $150,000 in their first year
  • Doubled their stops per day
  • Reduced headcount and grew 25% in revenue

“I wanted a software company that more thoroughly aligned with my company’s objectives. I wanted more customers – not more employees.”

Go-Forth Pest Control
4260 Piedmont Prkwy
Greensboro, NC 27410

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