Armed Force Pest Control Case Study

After nearly 20 years of service, Armed Force Pest Control knew they needed to upgrade their technology in order to stay competitive and continue to grow.

November 22, 2021
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Armed Force Pest Control Case Study


Experienced a 62% increase in revenue in only three years

45-50 hours

Saved an estimated 45-50 hours a week with automated appointment and payment reminders

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After nearly 20 years of service, Armed Force Pest Control knew they needed to upgrade their technology in order to stay competitive and continue to grow.

About The Company

Since 2002, Armed Force Pest Control, Inc. has proudly provided professional commercial and residential pest and weed control services to Lake, Napa, Sonoma, Mendocino, Colusa, and Sutter Counties in California. Their highly trained technicians, advanced techniques, and commitment to providing quality services at competitive prices has earned them a stellar reputation in the communities they serve.

The Challenge

After years of frustration using a generic scheduling system, Armed Force was quickly becoming fed up with the lack of industry-specific features and a general absence of automation. Despite their investments in technology, their processes still included a lot of manual work which was restricting their ability to grow. They spent around three to four hours every day sending appointment reminders, lacked any type of route optimization tools, and spent an estimated six hours a day working collections. They knew better solutions were available and decided it was time for an upgrade.

The Solution

In 2019, owner and operator, Sarah Pape, began researching field service solutions that could add the automation features needed to grow her business. Specifically, she was looking for an easy-to-use solution that could add efficiency to the operation and automate appointment reminders. Her search led her to FieldRoutes.

After evaluating her options, Sarah was happy to see that in addition to the automated appointment reminders, FieldRoutes also included several pestand lawn-specific features to make life easier for her growing organization. For example, FieldRoutes included the ability to automate service notifications, which are required by law in California. In addition to all the new time-saving features, FieldRoutes also had a simple interface and looked easy to use. They decided to move forward with the FieldRoutes operations suite.

The Impact

After two years of using FieldRoutes, Armed Force Pest Control is still finding new ways to use software to add efficiencies. The automated appointment reminders have indeed proved to be helpful, saving three to four hours a day on routine communications and cutting down on no-shows by giving customers a chance to reschedule as needed.

The billing and collections functionality has been particularly game changing by adding the ability to send automated payment reminders to delinquent customers. The entire process, which used to take about six hours a day, now only takes a few minutes, which allows the team at Armed Force to take a more personal approach with larger, commercial clients— where it often takes more effort to track down the appropriate accounts payable person.

The FieldRoutes™ route optimization functionality has also been beneficial by taking the guesswork out of the process. Technicians who would previously get lost on the road, now have a clear and easy to follow game plan every day. This has reduced overtime and ensured that technicians are consistently able to get through their routes each day.

With the time-saving efficiencies added by FieldRoutes, Armed Force has experienced steady month over month revenue growth, reduced delinquencies, and improved their customer service. The ability to complete WDO reports online has helped them expand into California Branch 3 structural pest control, which has added an additional revenue stream. The result has been an impressive 62% increase in revenue within three years of using the system. With FieldRoutes, the future of Armed Force Pest Control has never looked better.

Since implementing the FieldRoutes platform, Armed Force Pest Control has:

  • Experienced a 62% increase in revenue in only three years

  • Leveraged additional functionality to expand into California Branch 3, which has added an additional revenue stream

  • Saved an estimated 45-50 hours a week with automated appointment and payment reminders

“FieldRoutes rode that fine line of making it really simple and having the key automation features we were looking for.”

Dale Hoskins, Manager Armed Force Pest Control 18255 Vintage Court, Suite D Middletown, CA 95461 (707) 987-9828

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