All U Need Pest Control Case Study

When certified pest control operator Kyle Selbach stepped into his role as director of operations for All U Need Pest Control, he set a clear goal for the organization.

September 06, 2023
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All U Need Pest Control Case Study

$15 Million

Began with $300k in yearly revenue and is now approaching $15 million


Over 7,000 five-star Google reviews


Achieved a 95% employee retention rate for those with 90+ days of service

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When certified pest control operator Kyle Selbach stepped into his role as director of operations for All U Need Pest Control, he set a clear goal for the organization. In his words, “We just want to be the most innovative technology-driven pest control company we can be.” 

To achieve this goal, Kyle knew he needed the right technology partner to keep pace with modern innovations and help them realize their ambitious growth objectives. 

They initially signed with a competing software solution, but within 15 days, they already knew it wasn’t going to work out. When Kyle asked a colleague and mentor for advice on how to best utilize the solution for door-to-door sales, the answer was: I use FieldRoutes (then known as PestRoutes).

What happened next was unprecedented growth and impressive expansion into new territories. 

A New Beginning

When All U Need Pest Control was acquired in October of 2017, the team promptly began an ambitious growth strategy and ramped up their door-to-door sales activity. Their sales team successfully utilized iPads and FieldRoutes® Mobile to get service agreements signed in the field and customers served quickly. 

Then COVID happened. 

“We relaxed with the door-knocking at that time, and that’s where our CSR department came in,” said Selbach. “The phone just got absurd during the pandemic. People were at home, and they were noticing more pest activity. So that was a perfect time for our inside sales team to take over.” 

The team began to focus more on inside sales with a heavy focus on digital marketing. And FieldRoutes® Operations Suite played a key role in the transition. “FieldRoutes made it very simple. You have that lead progression functionality in the system, and that helped develop who we are today,” said Selbach. 

The combination of door-to-door and inside sales with a strong digital marketing presence resulted in strong growth that the organization has continued to build on. 

Customer And Employee Retention

All U Need Pest Control boasts an impressive 30-second response time for incoming phone calls and strives to resolve concerns within 48 hours. They attribute much of their success to their outstanding customer service. “We have over 7,000 five-star Google reviews. So, customer Satisfaction is something we believe is one of the driving factors to our growth,” said Selbach. 

“I’m a huge FieldRoutes fan,” continued Selbach. “It absolutely helps us deliver on the promises we make to our customers. Another key factor in their customer service strategy is the ability for customers to cancel services at any time. “You're not locked in any contract. If we don't hold up our part of the bargain and don't hold up to our standards, you should be able to cancel at any time.” 

The use of Trigger Rules in FieldRoutes has also proven to be especially helpful in this regard. These set-it-and-forget-it actions can be configured to automate tasks once certain events take place. All U Need currently utilizes Trigger Rules to automate appointment and collection reminders. Because they serve many gated communities, the automated reminders minimize the likelihood of employees getting stuck at the gates.

When it comes to retaining employees, All U Need is just as successful. “I have no problem with talent. We are very employee-driven company,” shared Selbach. “Believe it or not, we put the customer second. If I can instill my employee to be the best version of themselves and enjoy working here every single day, that's going to radiate down into the customer. And that customer’s going to feel like they're number one.”

Winning The Numbers Game 

Another key to success has been the company’s use of the real-time data made available in FieldRoutes. “It’s to the point where we don’t do monthly goals. We break them down into daily goals. So, I can pull everything and see immediately if we’re going to hit our goals.” 

“FieldRoutes has given us the advantage to basically pull any report I can think of,” said Selbach. “I can look at the numbers and project growth, see how many technicians I’m going to need two months from now, how much revenue each tech is producing, how many vehicles we need to buy, and so on. All that data helps with decision making.” 

Continued Growth And Success

After pairing their growth strategy with FieldRoutes software, the company has experienced unprecedented growth and success. They successfully opened a new satellite office in Venice, FL, and soon began to see success with their model of expansion, adding locations in Bonita Springs, Jacksonville, Port Charlotte, Tampa, and other areas in Florida. Most recently, they opened a new office in Houston, TX – marking their first out-of-state expansion.

All U Need Pest Control’s growth with FieldRoutes has been nothing short of amazing, and they show no signs of stopping. As Selbach states, “We have super aggressive growth plans. Our goal is to be at a hundred million in yearly revenue by the end of 2027.” With FieldRoutes, that goal is more attainable than ever. 

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All U Need Pest Control Case Study

When certified pest control operator Kyle Selbach stepped into his role as director of operations for All U Need Pest Control, he set a clear goal for the organization.

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