Admiral Pest Control Case Study

Admiral Pest Control knew they needed to break away from their current software provider to simplify their operations and build growth for their family owned and operated business for future generations.

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About The Company 

As Admiral Pest Control celebrates their landmark 75th anniversary this year, their family values may not have changed. Still, they’ve continued to evolve their processes, incorporating modern techniques and software to improve their operation continually. They are a family business that treats their customers like family. With the help of FieldRoutes, they look forward to continuing to provide gold-standard care to their customers for many more generations to come. 

The Challenge 

Time is money, as the old saying goes. Unfortunately, Admiral Pest Control found their previous software provider was costing them more hours and effort than they had available. Software updates complicated matters further, prompting them to search for a software partner to help them simplify their operations, save time, and boost business growth. Over the last couple of years, like many field service businesses, Admiral Pest Control faced the challenges exacerbated by a down economy, such as fluctuating costs, supply chain problems, and decreased customer spending. Determined to remain a successful family-owned and operated business, they needed a solution to support their growth. 

The Solution 

During the winter of 2019, Admiral Pest Control started using FieldRoutes™ Operations Suite. In FieldRoutes, they found a partner that could provide a complete solution for their business needs.

As a business obtaining half its revenue from termite services, the Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) forms were a must-have. Luckily, FieldRoutes enabled them to seamlessly build and manage termite reports and comply with state and national regulations. 

When it comes to providing excellent service to commercial customers, FieldRoutes has helped streamline these routes, making the technicians’ jobs easier and the customers’ experience better. One example of this is the mapping feature which allows technicians to inspect extensive service areas, track their findings, and inform customers of the service provided — all without bothering the customer. 

Impressed by their experience with FieldRoutes, and eager to find a marketing tool that would integrate seamlessly with the technology in place, they adopted FieldRoutes™ Marketing Suite in the summer of 2020. 

Trevor Jones, General Manager of Admiral Pest Control, says that they have seen great value in the ability to integrate the solutions. Nowadays, e-commerce is the way everybody wants to shop. They have found that people not only appreciate the convenience of booking online but also enjoy the ability to get the information they need online and close the purchase over the phone. In this sense, the marketing insights provided by customer research behavior help them make business decisions that develop growth.

The Impact 

Implementing FieldRoutes Operations Suite has brought many efficiencies to the business. In recent times, high fuel prices have made a dent in the profit margins of field service companies, whereas Admiral Pest Contol reports having made fuel savings thanks to FieldRoutes. By the same token, route optimization has enhanced efficiency and allowed them to scale. Another critical saving is that the software has enabled them to become paperless. As Trevor Jones put it, “money savings across the board.” 

Customer experience is at the heart of any service business. By offering customers access to their data, empowering them to manage their payments independently online, and communicating via their preferred channel has strengthened the relationships Admiral Pest Contol nurtures with their customers. 

At a time when the labor shortage poses a threat to the smooth operation of pest control businesses across the country, employee satisfaction is at the forefront of many business owners’ minds. FieldRoutes has improved employee experience, both in the office and the field. From the technicians’ perspective, they have the service information they need at their fingertips, and on the office side, staff have gained complete visibility on technician progress. Everyone’s happier.

FieldRoutes Clients Grow Faster

Our fastest-growing customers on the 2021 PCT Top 100 have seen a 74% year-over-year average revenue growth rate.

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