ACTION Termite & Pest Control Case Study

Reaching short and long-term goals takes drive, vision, and, as ACTION Termite & Pest Control discovered, the right partner in growth.

June 07, 2023
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ACTION Termite & Pest Control Case Study
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Dreaming big is just the start of achieving the success your business deserves. Reaching short and long-term goals takes drive, vision, and, as ACTION Termite & Pest Control discovered, the right partner in growth.

It’s been three years since Brent Agee decided to take over as CEO of the business. Family-owned and operated since 1969, ACTION Termite & Pest Control has established a reputation in Phoenix, Arizona, for providing high-quality and reliable pest control and termite services. He has always had a clear vision of the growth he wants to achieve, and in 2022 he realized he would need a new software partner to get there.

Measuring Savings On The Clock

Leading a second-generation company, Agee wanted to maintain the values and commitment to customers his parents had founded and transform them into a company culture that would accompany them throughout their exponential growth. ACTION Termite & Pest Control has doubled in size in just three years. Since partnering with FieldRoutes, their growth has rocketed; at the time of writing, the past month was the company’s most successful to date. In Agee’s own words, they are “just getting off the starting block.”

Laying the groundwork for unstoppable scale means investing in the right people and tools. There were a number of features that weren’t making the cut with the company’s previous software. His pursuit of a happier, more productive workforce was what led him to take the leap. Agee knew that changing software wouldn’t be easy, but he was sure it was worth it to make his employees’ lives easier in the long run. “Employees get exhausted from all the changes, but, you know, now we’re through it,” Agee says, “We’re through it now and it’s worth it.”

The Automation Age Has Arrived

One of the most significant benefits of FieldRoutes® Operations Suite for ACTION Termite & Pest Control is the trigger-based automation. The software allows automatic triggers to be set up for innumerable tasks, easing staff’s workload and making more room for growth.

“We can have more productive team members and allow them to take on significantly more important tasks or things that are more exciting for the company’s growth as well.” Agee says.

Automations such as renewal notifications have been gamechanging for the business. Previously, the renewals would happen on the same day, resulting in an influx of calls. With FieldRoutes, the ability to set up renewal notifications to trigger on the specific day the customer signs their contract has created a trickle effect that is more manageable and more efficient. You might even say that automations are critical for growth. Agee has also seen success using automation to trigger review requests once a service has been completed. This has led to more referrals and, ultimately, growth.

“When we send out a service notification, it’s saying, ‘Hey, if you take a picture of your tech and post it on social media…’ now, that’s more referral business getting out there in the world,” Agee says. “For the growth, [automation] triggers play a huge role.”

Delivering What Customers Need

With their previous software provider, Agee couldn’t get the modifications he needed to deliver the best possible service to his customers. In the end, it was the simple but significant things such as the ability to customize service notifications that made him realize he needed to switch. Agee shared an anecdote to illustrate what he means.

“My brother lived in Texas and [his pest control provider] sent him a notification with the technician’s picture,” Agee says. “And then he came over here and started working for us.

And he saw what we sent him when we started doing his pest control and he’s like, ‘Wait a minute, look what I got over here Why can’t we do this?’ And we talked to [our software provider] like, ‘Hey, how do we get our service notifications to look like this? Look what this company is able to send we want to do this.’ They couldn’t deliver … That was, believe it or not, as simple as it sounds, such a big deal for us.”

Enhancing communication with customers through the use of FieldRoutes has helped build trust with their existing customer base and also with new customers. The Customer Portal is also more user-friendly than the company’s previous software, providing a better experience for their customers and improving overall satisfaction.

Routing Out Inefficiencies

Route optimization has been another area of great improvement. “We’re definitely getting better route efficiency since we switched over,” Agee says. FieldRoutes has allowed for a dramatic reduction in gallons of gas used by their fleet, he says, resulting in significant cost savings for the business.

Moreover, simple things like increased visibility on technicians’ whereabouts has helped improve scheduling. The company’s director of field operations told Agee that “this is the first time he can truly understand what the technicians are doing, which has led to a new level of transparency and understanding in scheduling.”

FieldRoutes’ modern and user-friendly interface has helped ACTION Termite & Pest to provide the best possible customer experience. As the business continues to grow, they are confident that FieldRoutes software will help them achieve their goal of becoming a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

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