Why Customers Want to Pay Online

It wasn’t that long ago when most people were hesitant to pay their bills online.

In the beginning, we knew little about internet security, and most people were nervous about giving out their credit card numbers or access to their bank accounts. But today? Well, today, everything is paid online. From your Amazon purchases to your mortgage to your utilities, the internet has made it easy and convenient. Here are a few reasons why your customers want to pay online:

It’s fast and easy. Paying bills online has become the preferred way to pay because it’s fast, easy, and safe. It ensures that your invoice won’t get lost in a pile on the counter, and as a pest control business owner, you get paid faster since you’re not waiting for a check to arrive in the mail. Additionally, setting up autopay and sending automatic reminders ensures your customers never miss a payment. 

It saves the environment. When you give your customers the option to pay online, the biggest advantage is eliminating all that paper. Checks are becoming less popular, and today, anything that can be snail-mailed can be emailed. When you email your customers their invoices, you’re not wasting time and money on printing, stamps, and stuffing envelopes. Pest control software gives you the ability to set up a branded customer portal to accept a variety of payments, so there is no need to wait for a check to clear. 

It’s convenient. Whether it’s from their computer, tablet, or mobile device, nothing is more convenient for your customers than buying and making purchases online all from the comfort of their own home. There’s no need for them to be home or available by phone to sign up for a service and then pay for it when completed. And, these days with COVID-19, it’s the safest way to conduct business. 

Your customers are used to it. As I mentioned previously, internet security has evolved over the years, and most people are already paying all their bills online. This article states, “90% of consumers ages 18-74 are conducting online banking transactions at least once a month. Since 2014, mobile device transactions have increased 118%.” 

It’s an easy value-add for your customers. Not a whole lot is free in this world, but giving your customers the option to pay online is not only free for them but also an inexpensive way to provide a value-added convenience and positive customer experience. Plus, most credit card companies offer points, rewards, or rebates to help with other expenses.

Implementing an online customer portal with autopay is simple to implement with the right pest control software. Your customers want their experience to be fast, easy, and secure. Online payments give your customers the flexibility and convenience they’re already used to experiencing. 

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