Want to Help Your Staff Do More? There’s an App for That!

Business GrowthAugust 13, 2019

While using mobile technology in the operations of your pest control company is really convenient, the benefits go way beyond convenience for you and your office staff, technicians, and customers. Companies that have embraced mobile have found that not only do they get more done, but they also have more satisfied customers, happier employees, and up-to-the-minute data at their fingertips.

Mobile technology has huge benefits for four internal groups that are critical for your success.

1. Technicians

When your technicians aren't efficiently working through their day, or they spend too much of their time completing paperwork, you’re losing money. Mobile apps can make days more productive and less frustrating for your pest control service technicians. Technicians can receive instant appointment updates and detailed information about their next stop before they arrive. They can also input notes from the field, access maps, and directions, document chemicals used, and even clock in and out easily from their phones. This is even more critical when servicing commercial pest control customers where a greater level of detail in reporting is required.

2. Sales Team

Mobile tools can make the sales process easier than ever. Sales professionals can sign up customers from the field with their smartphone or tablet. Customers can sign digital contracts on the spot and move on to receiving services in record time. Additionally, your sales staff can quickly set up automatic payments, custom billing, and more features to enhance customer satisfaction and lessen the need for collections on overdue payments. With leaderboards, customer maps, sales and marketing materials, and real-time sales notifications, sales employees have all the tools they need to outperform your competitors while on the go.

3. Office Staff

The technicians and sales team working directly with customers in the field are extremely important, but none of what they do would be possible without an office staff that keeps everything organized and on track. The right mobile app will eliminate tons of paperwork they have to do while giving them a fast and easy way to stay in communication with technicians and monitor results as they happen. By connecting your entire team with effective mobile technology, you remove many of the old hurdles to communication, scheduling, reporting, and maintaining accounts. The result is a team focused on growth rather than getting through the end of the day.

4. Management

Giving your team the right mobile technology to do their jobs effectively also gives leadership an important business management tool. Embracing mobile technology allows for a real-time view of a technician’s activities and the ability to adjust their day’s scheduled visits if needed. This will give you the flexibility to accommodate last-minute appointments or react efficiently to cancellations. Know how everyone is performing at any given moment and make high-level adjustments as needed to keep getting the best performance out of your entire team.

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