Use Mobile Technology to Create Happier Customers

A pest control company can’t grow or even survive without satisfied repeat customers. They’re why we place so much focus on making sure we serve customers quickly and handle their pest management problems with professionalism and effectiveness. But there is so much more we can do internally to make sure the customer experience exceeds their expectations and leaves them telling their friends and neighbors how you save the day and keep their home or business free of problematic pests.

Mobile apps have made many aspects of our lives easier, and that extends to pest control operations and customer satisfaction. They can help streamline and organize business intelligence, improve communication, and make regular business tasks much faster – all things that can directly or indirectly contribute to a better customer experience. It’s no wonder that 47% of business leaders responding to a survey about enterprise mobility are investing in apps that support essential business processes. 

Here are four specific benefits your customers will see when you begin using the right mobile tools to support your pest control business.

1. Easy Sign Up

By having cloud-based mobile tools that include access to digital contracts and the ability to accept and transmit signatures from the field, your customers won’t have to wait to begin scheduling and receiving services. They can get started on the spot and have the peace of mind that their tech-enabled pest management professional will handle their pest issue as smoothly as the company handled the sign-up process.

2. Convenient Payments

The widespread use of mobile payment technology means there is no reason your customers should not be able to pay you by credit or debit card from the field. Mobile technology equipped with secure payment systems lets them quickly get on with their day while saving time for your field and office staff. The right mobile app will also allow you to set up and authorize features like autopay and regular services in just seconds.

3. Better Communication

Real-time updates mean technicians instantly know when there's been a change to their schedule or important customer information has been added. A comprehensive mobile app will allow pest control technicians to know all of the relevant customer information before they arrive at a service call. They can also input notes from the field, alerting office staff to important details that can be missed when they're handwritten on a work order. The result of this improved communication is that customers know they're trusting prepared and informed professionals with their pest management concerns. They receive service without confusion, and that's a big benefit for everyone.

4. Marketing and Targeting

When sales teams are given technological support to track and manage their territories on the go, they can be more efficient and more effective. Mobile apps can help them target and track areas where they are likely to have a better chance of securing new customers. If they're equipped with digital marketing materials and guidance within the app, and given the easy sign-up and payment tools discussed above, they are more focused and able to deliver the new accounts you need to grow.

One of the truths in business is that when customer satisfaction increases, so do sales. Do everything you can to make sure your pest control business has all the tools and systems in place to provide your customers with the best possible experience.

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