The Key to More Productive Technicians: Mobile Technology

We all operate from that little piece of glass. It’s the critical component to getting the most out of your technicians.

Most of the technicians you hire will be Millennials – in fact, 72 % of new technicians are younger than 35. These digital natives have never known a world without cell phones and the internet, and modern technology is second nature to them. One recent study showed that 39% of Millennials spend more them with their smartphones than with their parents, friends, children, coworkers and significant others.

If you want to attract and retain the best technicians among this group, that is going to mean embracing mobile apps that make their jobs easier. This may be a natural next step for many of the 65% of companies that already provide their team with company cell phones. But here’s a great bonus: these mobile apps will benefit your business and your bottom line, too.

Here are some features to look for when selecting the right pest control software and mobile apps for your pest control company. Choosing the right software makes things easier for technicians, customers, and yourself:

  • Simple customer sign-up. When you make it easy for customers to sign digital agreements, you make it easy for technicians to begin services sooner, which is usually a huge relief to pest control customers. Many of these customers would be frustrated when trying to begin services via traditional sign-up methods, and some actively seek out companies that are going to make it easiest to do business.
  • Auto pay. Pest control software that is mobile and tablet-friendly, makes it easy for customers to pay their bills in a format they’re familiar with, saving money on paper and toner cost, reduces days to collect, and adds to customer satisfaction. Additionally, giving your techs a simple way to collect payment at the time of service will allow them to provide better customer service while increasing your collections.
  • Customer portal. A comprehensive customer portal gives your customers the power to manage their accounts when and where it’s convenient - online. Removing obstacles to service and payment makes the entire flow of your business smoother, from the work of technicians in the field to the tasks expected of customers and your administrative staff.
  • Smart technician routing. By using intelligent routing, you minimize drive time and reduce fuel costs. Your team of technicians will see more customers more quickly, allowing them – and you – to earn more money.

At the end of the day, empowering your techs with mobile-friendly software means they can see more customers, be more efficient, build stronger relationships, and earn more money. And your pest control company will benefit from a happier team, more satisfied customers, and a bigger customer base. 

Your entire team needs to be strong, but good technicians may be the most critical part of your success. That’s why we created this new eGuide, How to Attract & Retain Top Pest Control Technicians, to help you attract, hire and keep top technicians.

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