Termite Awareness Week

Being in the pest control industry, you know the devastating destruction that termites can cause.

To bring more awareness to this issue, in 2011 the National Pest Management Associate (NPMA) started Termite Awareness Week to encourage homeowners and others to inspect their property for termites before they become destructive. Termite Awareness Week takes place the first full week before spring is declared. This year, that happens to be March 8 – 14, 2020.

The NPMA conducted a study and found that 38% of U.S. adults worry about discovering termites in their home, 33% have or know someone who has experienced termite damage and despite these concerns, more than half (52%) of Americans have never had their homes inspected.

NPMA also notes the following things you can do to spread awareness during this week:

  • Call attention to problematic species in your region, use company call statistics, customer stories if possible, offer tips
  • Post only termite-related posts to your Twitter feed
  • Use the hashtag #TermiteAwarenessWeek in all posts and interactions
  • Devote your Facebook page to termites for the week
  • Create a termite-focused board on Pinterest
  • Solicit pictures of wood damaged by termites; offer a prize and help for the most damage you see

In addition, NPMA created a very interesting tiny termite house video to show how quickly termites can cause destruction.

Now that you’ve created marketing campaigns and called attention to this event, is your pest control company ready for the influx of new business? Probably not if you’re still running your business manually. Need more reasons to automate your business? Here are three:

  • Reduce paper waste – The cost of paper goes beyond just dollars and cents. Employee satisfaction, data security, and clutter are all expenses to consider. Going paperless is the best thing you can do for your pest control business and the environment.
  • Automate billing and collections – When you automate your billing and collections, you’re making it easier for your customers to pay. Automated billing software also decreases errors and reduces administration costs.
  • Increase customer satisfaction – You can increase customer satisfaction by making it easier for them to manage their account, pay their invoice, and schedule their next appointment online through customer portals.


When you run your pest control business manually, you’re wasting your most valuable commodity – your time.

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