Reduce Stress with a Winning Team in 2020

Managing your pest control business is pretty stressful in and of itself.

But when you add in technician and customer turnover, it gets downright hairy. As a pest control business owner, you know that your employees and your customers are your biggest assets. Here are a few ways to reduce the stress of losing both.

Employee Retention


Trained technicians are productive technicians. When you invest in training your team, you’re increasing employee satisfaction, improving their performance, and boosting morale. Investing in your technicians shows that you care about enhancing their skills within the company. It’s also a great tool for recruiting. Potential technicians will be more attracted to your company if they know it gives them the opportunity to be trained.


If you’re not doing so already, providing regular, open communication with your technicians is great for retention and it reduces stress among your team. Regular check-ins about how they’re doing and asking for their feedback, opinions, and ideas keep them engaged and lets them know you value them.


You want your technicians to enjoy what they do, so it’s important to ensure that their morale doesn’t take a hit. Make sure you acknowledge them when they do a good job. This can be something as simple as giving them kudos in public, writing a thank you card, or presenting them with a small gift card. When technicians feel recognized, they are more likely to be engaged and have a personal rapport with their manager.

Customer Retention

Customer Service

It’s easier to retain customers than it is to gain new ones, and the number one way to do that is by providing excellent customer service. Listening, thanking them for their loyalty, and being responsive to their needs goes a long way and helps cement your relationship.


Consistent communication creates customer loyalty, which leads to increased sales, referrals, and repeat business. There are a number of ways to communicate with your customers. Whether it’s through phone calls, social media, online, or emails, it’s important that you respond quickly to their concerns.

Get Their Feedback

Making sure you have a way for your customers to provide feedback shows that you’re engaged in your business. It also helps you determine customer satisfaction and where you can improve. Collecting customer feedback could be as easy as sending out a survey or providing a link on your website. Also, today’s customers are savvy when it comes to social media and you would much rather have them as an advocate for your business than not.  

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