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Best Routing Apps for Pest Control Businesses

Dylan Henryson
Feb 05, 2024
9 min read
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Best Routing Apps for Pest Control Businesses

Some of the best routing apps for pest control aren’t where you might think to look. Some are part of pest control routing platforms that automate your entire workflow. Others are standalone solutions that technicians download to their phones and use independently.

In this guide, you’ll find a complete comparison between these routing apps, including use cases, pricing, and downsides.

Disclaimer: The information below is accurate as of September 7, 2023.

Best Routing App for Pest Control: Comparison Table (With Ratings & Pricing)

Given the wide variety of pest control routing apps available, it’s best to start with a high-level look to help narrow your focus.


Best For

Free Plan/Trial



Best overall


Varies based on company size; all plans for unlimited users


Small companies just starting out


Starts at $9.99/mo


Small to midsize companies


Starts at $49/mo


Large, complex fleet operations


Starts at $35/mo


Companies that value decades-long track records


Not published


Companies that value consumer-grade software


Starts at $59/mo


Small entrepreneur-driven companies


Starts at $69/mo


Broad dispatch and field oversight


Not published


Companies who take a partnership approach with their vendors


Not published

As demonstrated in the table above, routing apps are far from a one-size-fits-all solution. Large companies will likely do best with a routing app that’s part of a pest control business software platform, such as FieldRoutes, which also includes a CRM and other robust functionality. Alternatively, small companies may do better with something lighter weight while they figure out their ideal customer management workflows.

Best Routing App for Pest Control by Use Case

With a high-level understanding of the routing apps available, you can further narrow down which best fits your business by understanding their use cases.

  • FieldRoutes — Best overall routing app, part of the FieldRoutes® Operations Suite

  • Straightaway — Best for small companies who prefer nimble, courier-like dispatching

  • GorillaDesk — Best for small to midsize companies prioritizing stability over growth

  • OptimoRoute — Best for companies with large, complex fleet operations

  • PestPac — Best for companies who prefer an established, traditional software solution

  • Fieldwork — Best for companies who want a visually engaging, consumer-like app

  • Jobber — Best for small business owners and entrepreneurs focused on work-life balance

  • mHelpDesk — Best for companies who want broad oversight over dispatch and field staff

  • Briostack — Best for companies who enjoy growing alongside their software providers

From here, you’re ready to take a deep dive into the routing apps best suited to your pest control business.

App #1: FieldRoutes

FieldRoutes is field service software for pest control companies who want to scale their operations and maximize margins. As a ServiceTitan company, FieldRoutes is backed by one of the nation's largest providers of commercial contractor software.

Reference Image

Image Source: FieldRoutes

Route optimization plays a core role in the FieldRoutes® Operations Suite. By optimizing routes with real-time data, this pest control management software minimizes drive time and fuel expenses so technicians spend more time resolving customers’ pest problems.

Top Routing Features

  • Real-time route adaptation increases customer satisfaction by decreasing missed appointments.

  • Automated communications confirm day-to-day appointments with customers without disrupting technicians’ workflows. 

  • Drag-and-drop routing slides new appointments into technicians’ schedules and automatically optimizes their new routes.

  • GPS and dash cam integrations automate tracking and entry of equipment and vehicles, hours and miles, and even depreciation for taxes and asset disposal.

  • Route reporting distinguishes star performers from employees who need coaching, plus it provides data on key performance indicators such as reviews, cancellations, and completed jobs.

  • Cloud-based deployment means owners and technicians can access schedules and routes from anywhere, improving business operations. 

Downsides to Consider

While FieldRoutes works for pest control businesses of all sizes, it best fits growth-oriented companies eager to use technology to transform pest control operations. Those not ready to go paperless may need help with implementation.


Pricing for the FieldRoutes® Operations Suite varies by company size and includes unlimited users. Start your price discovery with a free demo.

App #2: Straightaway

Straightaway is a route-planning app that takes photos of customer destinations and quickly converts them into optimized routes.

Reference Image

Image Source: Straightaway

Straightaway’s photo-based operation makes it a strong fit for couriers, as evidenced by reviews from drivers for FedEx, Amazon, DHL, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Top Features

  • AddressDetect takes pictures of stops, such as customer addresses, on a spreadsheet and uploads them in seconds.

  • Advanced route optimization analyzes more than 130 data points in real time, from weather to road construction, to find the best route.

  • Advanced traffic-aware optimization guides drivers with turn-by-turn navigation to minimize time spent in heavy traffic.

Downsides to Consider

Straightaway is a courier app that expanded to meet the needs of other industries. It might work for small pest control companies, but it quickly hits its limits once a business needs a more mature tech stack.


Straightaway offers three plans:

  • Starter is free and includes up to 25 stops

  • Personal is $9.99 per month and includes up to 250 stops

  • Team is custom-priced and adds enterprise support

The Personal plan offers an annual subscription at a discount.

App #3: GorillaDesk

GorillaDesk is all-in-one scheduling, invoicing, and automation software for pest control, lawn care, pool maintenance, and similar field service companies. The company has a strong track record of user reviews, which it proudly showcases on its website.

Reference Image

Image Source: GorillaDesk

Routing is a strong selling point for GorillaDesk. As a routing and dispatch solution, GorillaDesk strikes a nice mix of lightweight and intuitive. Using technicians’ faces to show their map position is a nice visual touch, too. 

Top Routing Features

  • Route planning provides a bird’s eye view of all technician locations so you can consolidate routes.

  • Route optimization streamlines route planning by considering job statuses, buffer times, start locations, and other variables.

  • Dispatch routing automatically sends optimized routes with turn-by-turn directions to technicians’ mobile devices. Compatible with Google Maps, Apple Maps, and Waze.

  • Traffic view shows technicians real-time traffic for on-the-fly route adjustments.

  • GPS tracking visualizes where all technicians are so you can proactively solve problems.

Downsides to consider

GorillaDesk probably isn’t a good fit for enterprise pest control companies or those who want software that will scale them to an enterprise level. Reviews mention a very helpful service team, but that probably isn’t a big selling point for large companies who want something that works out of the box.


GorillaDesk offers two plans:

  • Basic starting at $49 per month for one route

  • Pro starting at $99 per month for one route

A slider on the pricing page instantly updates cost based on the number of routes prospective customers select.

App #4: OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute is logistics optimization software built for businesses of all sizes across virtually any industry. The company claims its routing, scheduling, and dispatch solution is so efficient, customers service 43% more house calls without expanding existing resources.

Reference Image

Image Source: OptimoRoute

OptimoRoute’s rich features back up its claims. It streamlines planning and dispatch so efficiently that it can handle everything from real-time routing to multi-day long-hauling planned a week or more in advance. 

Top Routing Features

  • Automated route planning can take thousands of orders at once, factoring in all order and task constraints.

  • Live tracking with ETA lets owners track driver positions and message customers with estimated arrival times.

  • Breadcrumbs compare planned routes with actual routes to identify driver deviations.

  • Low data usage makes the routing app work on budget smartphones and service plans, and in areas with little to no cell service. 

Downsides to Consider

The same things that make OptimoRoute a powerful routing solution also make it an awkward fit for many pest control companies. The more end-to-end pest control platforms hit the market, the more OptimoRoute becomes a point solution, albeit a powerful one.


OptimoRoute offers three plans:

  • Lite for $39 per month per driver

  • Pro for $49 per month per driver

  • Custom for large companies with advanced routing needs

Discount available for Lite and Pro plans with an annual subscription.

App #5: PestPac

PestPac by WorkWave is pest control software built for residential and commercial businesses of all sizes, from small one-person shops to enterprise companies. PestPac claims to power over 65 companies on Pest Control Technology magazine’s Top 100 list.

Reference Image

Image Source: PestPac

PestPac makes a strong case for its RouteOp technology, claiming its customers achieve:

  • 21% more jobs per technician

  • 30% less on fuel costs

  • 30% reduction in drive time

To punctuate the value of its routing software, PestPac claims there are approximately 3,682,800 route variations for every 10 appointments a technician makes.

Top Routing Features

  • RouteOp proprietary algorithm optimizes technicians’ routes by analyzing traffic, weather, and appointment times.

  • Route comparison identifies lost revenue and opportunities to adjust quotes.

  • Route reporting filters data such as technician, service, or branch.

  • Dispatch with GPS tracking visualizes technician locations and scheduled stops in real time.  

  • Safety monitoring prolongs vehicle life by collecting data such as speeding, accelerating through turns, and excess idling. 

Downsides to Consider

PestPac sits near the bottom when it comes to reviews. Inconsistent customer service and value for the money are the two most prominent complaints across Capterra and G2.


PestPac doesn’t publish pricing on its website. It does, however, offer an ROI calculator. It also offers a version called PestPac Lite that tops out at 15 licenses. 

Customers can also access a supplier discount program offering up to 5% rebate savings on all supplies.

App #6: Fieldwork

Fieldwork is field management software focused on helping pest control, lawn care, and pool service providers. It also showcases one of the freshest brands in the space, starting with its homepage.

Reference Image

Image Source: Fieldwork

When it comes to routing, Fieldwork software doesn’t surpass its competitors in terms of number of features. However, the routing and navigation features it does offer are well done. Reviews call out ease of use and a visually engaging platform that makes creating work orders, scheduling appointments, and optimizing routes easy.  

Top Routing Features

  • Route optimization boosts service efficiency and reduces vehicle wear and tear. 

  • Google Maps integration for enhanced functionality, including a drag-and-drop calendar beside the map view.

  • GPS tracking accurate to within 60 seconds of technicians’ locations, enabling real-time scheduling.

Downsides to Consider

Although Fieldwork has one of the most polished websites on this list, the company still has more to prove. Reviews are glowing, but there aren’t many. Nor are there any case studies showing what use case Fieldwork best fits.

Also, route optimization is not included in Fieldwork’s most basic plan.


Fieldwork offers three plans starting at $59, $79, or $99 per month for one field user. The pricing page instantly updates each plan based on the number of users selected. 

Fieldwork doesn’t consider office staff field users, allowing them to use the software for free.

App #7: Jobber

Jobber is a field service business software that combines an online platform with a mobile app. Its lightweight design launches quickly, making it popular with small, entrepreneurial pest control providers.

Reference Image

Image Source: Jobber

Jobber builds route optimization into its field app, making it easy for technicians to find the most efficient routes from any starting point. Optional integrations expand the app’s functionality, from collecting payments to booking add-on services.

Top Routing Features

  • Automatic route generation prioritizes fuel efficiency to optimize operating margins.

  • GPS-enabled map view shows which technician is closest to a newly scheduled job.

  • Instant team updates let your entire crew know when schedule changes happen so they can reroute accordingly.

  • FleetSharp integration enhances routing and communication abilities. 

Downsides to Consider

Two downsides stand out with Jobber. First, like several routing app providers on this list, Jobber isn’t purpose-built for pest control. It serves a broad range of industries instead.

Second, Jobber’s plans top out at 15 users. That’s not a great fit for large pest control companies or ones who want to grow.


Jobber offers three plans:

  • $69 per month for one user

  • $169 per month for up to five users

  • $349 per month for up to 15 users

A discount is available for annual subscriptions.

App #8: mHelpDesk

mHelpDesk is field service management software with the flexibility to serve dozens of industries, from pest control to landscaping to computer repair. The company was founded in 2007 by two former Lockheed Martin engineers who wanted to bring mission-critical software systems to residential and commercial service providers.  

Reference Image

Image Source: mHelpDesk

From a routing perspective, mHelpDesk emphasizes scheduling and dispatch capabilities. That makes it best suited to pest control companies that manage large fleets.  

Top Routing Features

  • GPS tracking relays real-time location data from technicians’ field apps, including timestamps for each job. 

  • Map-view routing shows what technician is best positioned to pick up a job.  

  • Scheduling and dispatch let business owners see where technicians are and communicate with them directly.

  • Location-based reporting shows what parts of your pest control service area generate the most jobs and revenue.

  • Google Maps integration gives field technicians a view they’re likely familiar and comfortable with and can easily access from a mobile device.

Downsides to Consider

mHelpDesk’s feature set is so broad — and meant to work across so many industries — that key selling points feel more general than specific. Take the video testimonial on its pest control page from an HVAC customer, for example.


mHelpDesk doesn’t publish pricing on its website. Interested companies must call to request a quote.

App #9: Briostack

Briostack is an end-to-end pest control solution designed for commercial and residential service providers. It brings together owners, field technicians, and office management teams by bringing estimating, scheduling, routing, and more to one place.

Reference Image

Image Source: Briostack

Briostack’s scheduling and routing tools are among its strongest selling points. Technicians use their iOS or Android app to take control of their day, plan their schedule, optimize routes, and sell directly to customers when in the field. 

Top Routing Features

  • Real-time route optimizations with turn-by-turn directions mean more on-time arrivals.

  • Color-coded appointment locations visualize job schedules on a map.

  • Bulk rescheduling and SMS messaging update customers about schedule changes.

Downsides to Consider

Briostack is one of the least-reviewed pest control software companies, and the reviews it has don’t inspire confidence. Users cite issues that range from inconsistent reporting to promised features that don’t deliver. 


Briostack does not publish pricing on its website. One G2 review from 2020 mentions a long-term contract.

Looking for a Routing App for Pest Control?

The right pest control app optimizes operations in more ways than one. Routing apps help streamline business processes, improve service and operational efficiency, and pave the way to greater profitability.

Though these nine routing apps show a great variety in their features and benefits, pest control professionals must choose the one that best meets their specific needs.

Take your search to the next stage by seeing how FieldRoutes optimizes routes with a free demo.

Dylan Henryson
Dylan HenrysonMarket General Manager, Pest

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