How To Find Landscape Employees For Your Growing Business

Are you looking for ways to grow and scale your lawn care business?

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Are you looking for ways to grow and scale your lawn care business?

Your lawn equipment is top-notch. Your marketing efforts are spot-on, bringing in a slew of new clients. On the other hand, your lawn care company can never expand and prosper unless you have fantastic lawn care and landscape personnel.

Recruiting lawn care workers can be a difficult task. How do you find the appropriate candidates and choose the best hires? While obtaining top-tier talent in the lawn care industry has some unique hurdles, it is easier than you would assume.

Here's all you need to know about how to find landscape employees to grow your business.

Lawn Service Hiring: When Is The Right Time? 

Your lawn care company is expanding, and you need to hire additional personnel as soon as possible. However, determining that it's time to start hiring landscaping employees and starting the process are two very different things.

While it's evident that you should recruit a new employee when your task becomes too overwhelming, that's not the only reason you should consider doing so.

Knowing how to find landscapers can help you expand your business, provide more services for a more extensive customer base, and streamline your company's operations.

Business owners often wait too long because of the impact on their income. This procrastination is typically due to the fear of lawn care employees' pay cutting into profits, which outweighs future planning. It would be best if you replaced yourself in the field far sooner than it may feel natural to do.

However, if you want to establish a company that doesn't rely on you for day-to-day operations, it's worth it in the long run. Instead of performing the physical work each day, start building your business from the ground up.

Training new personnel takes time and money. As you onboard new employees and provide them with a lawn care employee handbook, you can expect a modest blow to your company's overall efficiency. During the training phase, expect delays in operations for a few weeks, depending on your business and the experience level of your new workers.

How To Find The Best Landscape Employees

You will deal with labor difficulties when you own a lawn care business. This lawn care recruiting guide, on the other hand, can assist you in overcoming such challenges and finding the ideal personnel for your company. Here are a few strategies to help you out with how to find landscape employees:

Use the Right Marketing Strategies 

Lawn care marketing is the greatest (and, in some cases, the only) method to develop your business.

The most effective marketing tactics will include:

  • Developing your brand

  • Boosting your online visibility

  • Expanding your social media presence

  • Increasing the efficiency of your sales efforts

You spend all this time recruiting new clients, so why not use the same abilities when hiring lawn care employees?

It's critical to make the most of your time, effort, and money while hiring landscape employees. No one can tell you the best method to fill a job. However, you can figure out the most efficient approach to finding the best applicants for the position by weighing all of your possibilities. 

Write an ad for the position that communicates to the most qualified candidates simply and straightforwardly. Start with the most significant duties and describe the job responsibilities in an appealing yet concise manner. Make a list of prerequisites, such as education, work experience, talents, and certifications. If space allows, utilize bullets to ensure that crucial points are not overlooked. Give a brief overview of your business and its achievements. Finish with clear instructions on applying for the position and any supporting papers, such as a CV or references.

Utilize Social Media

Post job opportunities on social media platforms; some cater to a more informal, friendly audience, while others cater to a more professional audience. Millions of individuals visit these sites regularly. Mention that you’re hiring landscaping professionals on your company's blog, even if you're not the one who writes it. Request assistance from a coworker or contact the website's ad sales representatives if necessary.

Talk to Vendors

Testimonials and networking may be quite beneficial in maximizing your time and money.

Another good alternative is to ask for referrals. If you already have a terrific employee, inquire whether they know someone who might be a great fit for the role. 

Also, contact any local merchants with whom you have a working connection. They're probably acquainted with people in the lawn care sector and can help you determine how much to pay lawn care employees.

Find out how many answers they received from each source, how long their ad was active, and how well the candidates matched their job positions. If you don't have any recommendations from colleagues, ask the publication's or job site's advertising manager for the publication's or job site's success rate. Be sure to also ask for references who have successfully advertised comparable opportunities most recently.

What Lawncare Employees Should You Look For

Here are a few characteristics to look for when conducting interviews for your lawn maintenance company. These qualities will help you find exceptional people to add to your staff.


Enthusiasm is a crucial characteristic to look for in lawn maintenance personnel. When interviewing candidates for available positions, you should be able to quickly discern whether they are excited about the opportunity. It's a quality that will show how serious they are, and indicate that they are up for a challenge.


You want people who can make decisions on their own in the company's interest. These employees can make choices if you aren't present or if your crew leaders aren't available for assistance.

While this may be a more difficult attribute to identify during an interview, ask questions that allow job prospects to reply in a way that demonstrates their time management skills. What other jobs did they have that required them to be responsible? When was a time they took initiative? These sorts of questions will show you whether a candidate is a good fit for the role.


One of the most crucial soft skills is communication. You want your lawn care workers to be excellent communicators. Your personnel will be able to deal with any client difficulties, offer your services more successfully, and collaborate more easily if they communicate well.


A prospect's dependability is another attribute that may be difficult to determine just by interviewing them. You want to ensure that your lawn maintenance workers perform as they claim they would. Before hiring an employee, check if you can acquire a few references. If the person has little job experience, it may not be easy. In these cases, you might ask if they can provide personal recommendations.

What Lawncare Employees Should You Avoid

Some people don't make excellent hires, even though they appear to be decent individuals.

First, stay away from inexperienced candidates. You don't want to teach someone how to mow the grass. A landscaping beginner demands more of your time for training, even though you don't have to pay an inexperienced employee as much. They may operate at a slower pace than someone with more experience. You may think you’re saving with lower salaries, but you will end up paying for it in other ways.

Also, you should avoid hiring friends and family members. If they underperform, it might be tough to terminate them. After all, you don't want to jeopardize your personal relationships because of your job.

However, there is one exception. If you want to pass your company on to your children, you need to start them young to learn the ropes.

Scale Your Business with FieldRoutes

Now that you know how to find landscape employees, you can start expanding your options to serve and care for your client. FieldRoutes, a Cloud-based, mobile solution for field service operations is here to assist you. We provide tools such as lawn care software to streamline your process, make life simpler for your staff, and help you operate a more productive and lucrative company. Whether you're in lawn care, pest control, pool treatment, or another field service industry, we have the right solution for you.

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