Harness Your Data to Improve Reporting and Customer Communication

You have all the information you need to start outperforming your pest control competitors, but are you using it correctly? Even pest control companies that have meticulous records, service details and raw data are at a huge disadvantage if they’re not doing all they can to make this information work for themselves and the customers they serve.

Make it Work for Your Business

There’s almost no limit to what we can do when we have easy access to our business data. But problems arise when the data is stored in spreadsheets or less than optimized systems that require lots of manipulation and intentional action to accomplish our needs.

When pest control companies use digital solutions to store, control and monitor their customer and business information, they suddenly have access to powerful reports and statistics completely on demand.

One of the biggest benefits of this is transforming the perception of business performance. Constant monitoring allows pest control providers to always know how the business is doing and use data rather than feeling to adjust operations as necessary.

Another benefit is access to all the detailed reports you ever wanted without all the tedious work it previously would have taken to get them.

Make it Work for Your Customers

When you give customers easy, comprehensive access to their account, you’re also removing potential doubts and heading off problems before they start. At the heart of providing customers with a fully informed view of their account is a commitment to excellent customer support.

When customers feel both valued and respected, they are more likely to remain loyal to your business while also giving you a little leeway if a problem ever does arise.

To accomplish this, you must create a system that quickly and easily translates raw account and service information into a format that is meaningful for the customer and quickly accessible.

Here are some of the data points you should prioritize:

  • Pest activity reports. Commercial customers shouldn’t have to wait days or even hours to receive this important information.
  • Service details. Make sure customers can easily access information such as open conditions, closed conditions, chemicals used and devices inspected. This will eliminate confusion over conditions and responsibility for these conditions.
  • Trend reports. Customers are proven to be happier and more satisfied with services when they don’t have to call in to try to access this information. Create a way for them to access it on demand rather than when your staff is able to send it to them.

A commitment to ensuring customers have the information they need when they need it improves their overall satisfaction and reduces the pressure for your staff to put in extra effort to provide customers with basic information.

When the data you collect is leveraged to support both customer needs and your company’s goals, the result is a streamlined system that supports long-term business growth.

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