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Fresh Content: Why It’s Important and How to Create It

Apr 06, 2021
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SEO Title | Fresh Content: Why It’s Important and How to Create It
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We live in a world that is constantly changing. Even when we have to slow down and stay in place, things around us continue to evolve. This changing world requires fresh content. When it comes to your pest control business’s website, content is king, but it’s not enough just to have content. If you want to compete in today’s digital landscape, you have to consistently update your website. Think of it as a home for your business. Just like the home where you reside, your business’s home needs regular maintenance and upgrades to function at peak performance and look its best. Your home is a unique space that you have likely tailored to your needs and those you care about. Likewise, you must not only update your website regularly, but you must do so with care and strategy – thinking about both the needs and responses of your audience and Google.

If your website is your business’s online home, you can think of Google as the gatekeeper between your business and the people you want to come over to your home. And one thing about gatekeepers is that you have to give them a reason to open the gate. As a result, you should be asking yourself, “what about my content will make Google want to show it to my audience?” Not only should your content be fresh, but it should also be well-written, incorporate appropriate keywords and phrases, and provide value for your audience. If your content is not regularly updated and your site remains static, it will not enter the pool of updated sites and will not have the opportunity to climb the Google ranks.

Content Creates Opportunity

New content has a way of opening new doors. This is particularly true in the area of keywords. These are the words and phrases people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. They describe the content on your page. As you go about creating content for your pest control business, you create space for the inclusion of keywords. The words you use in your content act as clues for Google. The benefit to you is that it allows you to be found, and the benefit to your audience is that it will enable them to know that your content is relevant to them and meets their needs. To help guide you in utilizing the right keywords for you and your audience, think about the following questions:

1. What kind of search terms do you want to be found by?

2. Which words do you think people will use in search engines to find you?

3. What would the search query look like?

If you want to get the website visitors you desire, you have to use the right keywords. Google’s algorithms evolve over time as they become increasingly aware of how your audience responds. Questions like those listed above help you anticipate your audience’s needs and, therefore, their search tendencies. It should be your goal to create content that not only attracts your audience, but it keeps them engaged and wanting to return to find new information that they find relevant and valuable.

Keeping Up With the Content

You know you need fresh, quality content, but how do you create new content when there is only so much to say about your business? The following four areas are helpful starting points from which to write.

1. Create Content Relevant to Your Industry and Current Events. Is there a particular weather phenomenon occurring that affects pest control in your area? Speak to that and how your business can help people in the area with their problems. In reference to sociopolitical issues, people often take comfort in taking care of their homes and making it as safe and comfortable as possible. Create content on how your business can support them in doing that.

2. Promote All the Things: Content is about education, and in reality, that is exactly what promotion is—educating your audience on new products, services, and technology related to your field. Demonstrating that your business is knowledgeable and on the cutting-edge allows your audience to see you as an authority.

3. Spotlight Specials and Services: Encourage your audience to make a purchase by creating increased awareness around what you do, such as offering special, limited-time offers. This creates a sense of urgency and gets people moving.

4. Show that You Care: Your audience wants to know that not only do you provide value but that you also find them valuable beyond dollar signs. Do you truly care about them and their well-being as people? If the answer is “yes,” use that inspiration as you create your content.

5. Build Brand Awareness: Set yourself apart from your competitors by showing your pest control business as unique.

Create Loyal Customers

Consistency is one of the things that often allows loyalty to bloom and grow in a relationship. There are ways to foster this kind of relationship with your customers who like to know that they can expect quality information, services, and specials from you. In addition to this type of consistency, it is critical to add in authenticity. Your audience needs to understand who you are, your philosophy, and how your business can help them solve a problem. This equates to brand awareness and is more than just recognizing a brand with your eyes. It goes deeper into how your audience feels when they come in contact with your business. This can be evaluated through customer feedback, how often readers return to your website, and whether your audience chooses your business over competitors. There are some specific steps that you can take to garner loyalty:

1. Connect Emotionally with Your Customers: Allow them to see you as more than just goods and services. When your audience sees you as human, they will connect with you on a deeper level than dollars.

2. Tell Them You’re Worth it: Don’t shy away from highlighting your business’s achievements, training, and certifications. These things project value, separate you from your peers, and breed trust.

3. Be Unique: What makes your business different from the others in your community? Share it! Do you offer special services or a money-back guarantee? Let your audience know what sets you apart and why they should choose you.

4. Be the Expert You Are: Create content that shows you as an authority in your area of pest control. Do your research, learn from other experts, and demonstrate your expertise by teaching your audience.

Consistently providing well-written content is critical to your business’s success. Partnering with Lobster Marketing provides you a team of experts who are experienced in generating fresh content that appeals to both Google and your audience and leads both to take action. We will work with you to set you apart in your industry while still making your business relatable and desirable. To find out more about how we can support your business in developing content that will bring you business, contact us today.

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