Busy Bees: Boost Employee Productivity Through Tech

If you’ve been in this business for a while, you’ve probably discovered that happy, knowledgeable pest control employees are one of your best resources and a huge part of your success. When you create a great work environment and give your employees smart resources to streamline their daily tasks, the result is a team that is less frustrated, more satisfied, and better performing. In short, when you make life easier for your employees, your entire business reaps the benefits.

This isn’t to say that you should be giving in to every request your employees make. Instead, you should look for ways to improve your systems and overall business management, removing unnecessary employee hurdles at all levels along the way. The right pest control software can play a big role in this by helping simplify job duties, letting employees focus on their core duties without shifting the work burden to another person in the office.

These four standout features will transform the daily life of your employees:

1. Mobility

Today’s smartphones are used for advanced tasks far more often than they're used for phone calls. There is no reason not to have modern mobile functionality for all of your employees. The best pest control software has full mobile integration. This means technicians can quickly scan barcodes and process payments in the field, while sales teams can easily make sales and transmit updates to the office. What's missing is the pile of paperwork that used to accompany such activities. Instead, the information is more accurate, more secure, and instantly logged into an easy-to-use system. Recent studies also have supported the finding that mobile apps can dramatically improve employee productivity. 

2. Easy routing and scheduling

One of the most time-consuming and frustrating parts of daily operations has always been efficiently scheduling pest control service calls. One emergency or cancellation could throw the hours spent scheduling into a tailspin as the day devolves into chaos. Fortunately, pest control software that can automate routing and scheduling can handle this previously huge job in just a few clicks. Technicians will be given the most efficient route possible, allowing them to see more customers in a single day.

3. Geo-targeting

Your sales team can use this feature to get a good picture view of who is scheduling pest control service where. They’ll get a clear view of areas with potential customers and be able to target them with precision. Geo-location also lets management know when technicians have completed services as they move through their day.

4. Paperless functionality

Traditional pen and paper methods are the past. They’re time-consuming, expensive, and easy to mess up or mix up. When something as simple as rushed handwriting has the potential to throw your business into shambles, it's a good indicator that it’s time for a paperless system. They’re faster, cleaner, more accurate, and eliminates what many employees see as the most tedious part of their jobs. It’s the modern way to do business. And for those who find they need a paper copy of any document, that’s just a click away.

When employees are given the resources, they need to do their job without tedious paperwork and other cumbersome tasks, they can get much more done in a day. Technicians can handle more calls, admin employees can devote more time to customer success, and leadership can focus on growth planning. The resulting environment is one that great employees want to stay in, and others want to join.

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