3 Ways to Drastically Improve Collections

Collections are critical to your pest control business. Every year, pest control companies lose millions and millions of dollars in past due account balances that they either collect late, fail to collect, or pay expensive commissions to agencies to recover. Failure to collect on these outstanding debts impacts your growth and your bottom line.

Collecting money from an old customer is 5-10 times more efficient than signing up a new customer.

When you sign up a new customer, you pay an acquisition cost as well as overhead, expenses, and labor costs to produce an average 20-40% profit margin. When you collect money from past due customers, you’ve ALREADY paid all of the overhead, expenses, and labor to complete the service and whatever you collect goes 100% to your bottom line!

Effective collections impact more than just your bottom line.

Growing your business can be a challenge when you are worried about how to pay bills or have a lack of cash to invest in sales, marketing, and scalable operations. Pest control companies average 74 account receivable days. The longer a client keeps an invoice without paying it, the less likely you are to see that revenue. Collections are a persistent problem that impacts every single company we work with – both large and small.

By implementing the right collection processes in the field and online, you can DRAMATICALLY increase not only the amount of money you collect but the speed at which you collect it.

So, the obvious question is, "how do I improve my collections?" 3 core principles will dramatically boost collections:

  1. Empower your employees. Prompt and enable your employees to collect money or enroll customers in auto-pay every time they interact with your customers.
  2. Automate reminders. Make sure your customers get consistent and timely notifications about their balances
  3. Provide convenience. Give your customers multiple options and easy ways to pay you and enroll in autopay.

These three principles – Empower your employees, automate reminders, and provide convenience – drastically improve your collections, profitability, and even retention!

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Our fastest-growing customers on the 2021 PCT Top 100 have seen a 74% year-over-year average revenue growth rate.

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