FieldRoutes vs. PestPac

FieldRoutes is a true partner to field service businesses in the pest control industry. It provides intuitive features that enable companies to simplify their processes and generate new profitability from existing operations.

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Job Scheduling
Green Check
Green Check
Route Optimization
Green Check
Green Check
Custom Template Creation
Green Check
Green Check
Customer Portal
Green Check
Green Check
Payment Processing
Green Check
Green Check
Customer Review Capturing
Green Check
Green Check
Mobile App Functionality
Green Check
Green Check
Fleet Management Integrations
Green Check
Green Check
Marketing Automation
Green Check
Green Check
Real-Time Dashboards
Green Check
Green Check
Mobile App Sales Capabilities
Green Check
Green Check
Open API Functionality
Red X
Green Check
Ease of Use
Red X
Green Check
Robust Knowledge Base
Red X
Green Check
Simple Contract Terms
Red X
Green Check
Data Access
Red X
Green Check

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FieldRoutes improves service

Real-time Dashboards

Customize interactive, drill-down widgets by user, office, or timeframe for at-a-glance operational metrics that fuel better business decisions.

Intuitive User Interface

Maximize the benefits of end-to-end software faster with easy-to-learn functionality to start optimizing right from the jump.

Open API Functionality

Ditch the data silos. Integrate your favorite bookkeeping, marketing, and payment tools.

Easy to Implement

FieldRoutes operates the way pest control and field services companies do, so launching new software makes the workday easier, not harder.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pest control business software?

Pest control business software is designed to streamline and enhance operations and processes for companies offering pest control services.

Comprehensive management tools tailored to the unique business needs of the pest control industry include:

• Easy tools for estimates, which help businesses accurately gauge and track the expenses associated with each service

• Advanced scheduling and routing capabilities to optimize efficiency and minimize travel time for technicians

• Customer portal for convenient online payments via credit card and ACH, improving the customer experience and expediting payment processing

FieldRoutes is a cloud-based platform that serves more than the pest control industry. It optimizes processes and facilitates growth across multiple field service verticals, such as pool and lawn care.

How does FieldRoutes compare to PestPac?

FieldRoutes is a modern, user-friendly alternative to PestPac. While PestPac has been a long-standing solution in the pest control industry, its out-of-date features can be complex and challenging for new users to grasp.

FieldRoutes, on the other hand, is designed with simplicity in mind. It streamlines operations to enable pest control companies to scale efficiently. FieldRoutes also uses a pricing model based on the number of customers you have instead of the number of software users.

Companies that use FieldRoutes to improve business operations can focus on growth without worrying about additional headcount or overcoming the steep learning curve of antiquated systems like PestPac.

FieldRoutes is pest control software designed for flexibility so you can integrate with your choice of third-party solutions through open API integrations, including:

• Bookkeeping with QuickBooks Online

• Integrated Marketing

• Collections for unpaid invoices

Ditch PestPac, hassle free. Unlike PestPac from Workwave, FieldRoutes puts you in charge of your own data. We’ll handle your PestPac data migration quickly and painlessly.

What are the key differences between FieldRoutes and PestPac for pest control management?

FieldRoutes distinguishes itself from PestPac through its modern approach to pest control management. One significant difference is FieldRoutes' respect for customer data rights, unlike PestPac, which can impose additional costs on businesses to access their data.

FieldRoutes is also noted for its ease of use, online knowledge base, and regular product updates, ensuring users can access the latest features and improvements. PestPac, in contrast, may require businesses to employ a dedicated operator due to its complexity

FieldRoutes offers a robust technician mobile app designed to streamline dispatching and field operations, whereas Workwave PestPac's mobile solution is often criticized for being less reliable and user-friendly.

The two software solutions use different pricing models; FieldRoutes provides comprehensive functionality without the need for costly add-ons and separate contracts, making it more straightforward to implement and easier for customers to transition away from if they choose.

User reviews reflect these key differences between the SaaS platforms, with FieldRoutes consistently receiving higher rankings across metrics, including ease of use, value, and customer support.

Does FieldRoutes have a mobile app?

FieldRoutes offers an innovative, all-in-one mobile app designed to empower pest control technicians to manage routes, service customers, and boost sales on the go—both on iPhone and Android devices.

Stay connected, stay productive. FieldRoutes keeps your team in sync, no matter where they are. Communicate seamlessly and provide better customer support with in-platform messaging and notifications. Boost operational efficiency with real-time updates and a centralized view of customer interactions through the built-in CRM.

The FieldRoutes mobile app helps companies leverage technology to enhance the delivery of pest control services. It is an essential asset for businesses looking to streamline their field operations.

What software is more user-friendly? PestPac or FieldRoutes?

FieldRoutes is the more user-friendly option compared to PestPac, both in terms of the daily use of the software and available support resources.

FieldRoutes is designed to focus on simplicity and efficiency, making it accessible for users at all levels of technical expertise and organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to mid-market and enterprise levels. The FieldRoutes team offers extensive customer support and resources, ensuring users can make the most of their software to scale their business.

This user-centric approach extends to data management, where FieldRoutes allows companies to maintain control over their data without the complexities and additional costs associated with some of PestPac's practices.