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PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing Have Come Together Under the FieldRoutes Brand to Enable Expansion Into Lawn Care

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McKinney, TX, September 29, 2021—Today, recognized pest control SaaS providers—PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing—have rebranded as FieldRoutes™, to deliver modern technology to field service companies looking to grow. This will enable expansion into new verticals, and as part of this move FieldRoutes has developed several new solutions for lawn care service providers and has unveiled a new company website:

“As two brands and sister companies, PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing shared like-minded values,” said William Chaney, chief executive officer of FieldRoutes. “Together, under one united brand, our mission and values remain, and we are committed to fueling our customers’ growth.” Chaney continued, “Over the years, we’ve seen an increasing trend with the pest control customers we serve adding residential lawn care as part of their service offerings. Aligning PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing under one brand allows us to expand, and as such, it was a natural progression for us to expand our capabilities and officially enter the lawn care market.”

Over the years, we’ve served customers that are in lawn care, either because they are also in pest control and are loyal PestRoutes customers or because they actively sought out PestRoutes to solve their software needs after years of dissatisfaction with other lawn care solutions. The average revenue growth rate from 2020-2021 for the PCT Top 100 customers using the FieldRoutes Operations Suite was 30%. And, lawn care customers using FieldRoutes’ sales and marketing suite have seen year-over-year returns on their marketing investment ranging from two-and-a-half to 11 times.

FieldRoutes Chief Product Officer Piyum Samaraweera shared “We learned that to truly serve the lawn care market, we needed to add additional capabilities, which we’ve completed. We expect continued high growth for both existing and new customers thanks to the newly launched functionality built to suit the lawn care market.” 

The product line-up now includes FieldRoutes’ operations suite (formerly PestRoutes), FieldRoutes’ sales and marketing suite (formerly Lobster Marketing) and FieldRoutes™ Payments, our fully integrated payment solution that delivers enhanced payment functionality, such as the account updater which automatically updates lost, stolen, expired, or closed customer payment card information.

The software now includes service plan functionality, which allows clients to bundle multiple services into discounted packages—a practice known as “programs” for lawn care businesses and “bundles” for pest control operators—and the ability to charge customers by measurement. It also now includes property estimations and updated routing functionality to take technician skills and certifications into consideration when scheduling a service. Another noteworthy enhancement is the ability to route by chemical capacity—which allows clients to optimize routes by the amount of chemicals that can be carried by each vehicle. Rounding out the enhancements is the addition of pre-payment discounts as well as consolidated invoicing—which allows clients to create a single master invoice for individual services completed during a specific period. This new invoice type allows clients to process payments for these services together as their workflows may require.

“PestRoutes and Lobster Marketing have a long history of helping clients grow quickly and scale their operations. We're excited to bring that same energy to the lawn care industry and field services as a whole,” continued Chaney. “These exciting new features are just the tip of the iceberg as our team continues to craft innovative solutions to meet the needs of field service organizations looking to grow their business and do it more efficiently.” 

Visit to sign-up for a free demo of the operations and sales and marketing suites.  

About FieldRoutes  FieldRoutes is a Cloud-based and mobile SaaS provider for field service businesses. The platform automates all aspects of field service operations for enterprise and small business customers that span office management, advanced route optimization, payment processing, digital sales, marketing, and customer acquisition solutions that accelerate growth, streamline operations, increase customer retention, and maximize revenue. In 2018 six-year-old PestRoutes and 10-year-old Lobster Marketing became sister companies, and in 2021 unified as one brand, FieldRoutes. Headquartered in McKinney, TX, over 1,700 field service companies rely on FieldRoutes to provide them with the data-driven insights needed to build efficiencies in and drive revenue to their business so they can grow quickly, scale intelligently and serve customers relentlessly. For more information, please visit

Media Contact FieldRoutes  Kristi Harrington, Senior Director of Marketing 214.432.7794

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