FieldRoutes CEO appears on Turf’s Up Morning Show to discuss the FieldRoutes rebrand culture, and new lawncare offerings

MarketingNovember 04, 2021

FieldRoutes CEO, William Chaney, sat down with the hosts of Turf’s Up Morning Show at the GIE+Expo to talk about the present and future of the brand. This past September, FieldRoutes rebranded to bring together the two sister companies, PestRoutes® and Lobster Marketing. The company may have a new name, but the aim is still the same, and that’s to provide an end-to-end software solution to field service companies that help them grow quickly, scale intelligently, and serve their customers relentlessly.  

Under one united brand, FieldRoutes is in the best position to officially launch lawn services. Working with existing lawn care customers, FieldRoutes created a software solution that meets the needs of lawn care providers. Features like property estimation tools and routing functionality make work easier and more effective. Chaney was proudly able to share that the average revenue growth rate from 2020-2021 for the PCT Top 100 customers using the FieldRoutes Operations Suite was 30%. In addition, lawn care customers using FieldRoutes sales and marketing suite have seen year-over-year returns on their marketing investment ranging from two-and-a-half to 11 times. 

Chaney emphasizes that the company is “customer-obsessed,” and it shows. FieldRoutes continuously works to be innovative and to create solutions for the customers’ pain points. If you have a problem in your business, FieldRoutes has a solution from front end to backend with the sales and marketing and operations suites. Chaney says, “Our goal is to help our customers grow and optimize what they’re doing. It’s about doing more with less.” Less stress, less wasted time, and less money lost. More growth and more revenue – that’s what FieldRoutes is here to offer you.  

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FieldRoutes Clients Grow Faster

Our fastest-growing customers on the 2021 PCT Top 100 have seen a 74% year-over-year average revenue growth rate.

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