Start Commercial Customer Relationships Right with Simplified Onboarding

Editor's Note: Commercial pest control services are more important than ever, which makes this a great time to repost our blog on the importance of a fast and easy commercial customer onboarding process.

One of the most important phases in a new commercial customer relationship is the onboarding process.

It sets the tone for the remainder of the customer relationship, and it’s a time that many pest control companies can frustrate a new customer.

Making this process as fast and easy as possible can set your pest control company up for a successful long-term customer relationship. When onboarding a customer with hundreds of units or a complex structure, the process can seem daunting for everyone involved, but there’s no reason you can’t focus your energies on making the entire process simple and straightforward.

  • Start by setting appropriate expectations. Let your customers know exactly what the process is and how long it will take for you to complete it.
  • Expedite your processes by utilizing tools that allow you to create dozens or even hundreds of new units in bulk. This will improve both the customer’s experience and your efficiency in completing a task that would take hours if using older methods.
  • Highlight important service features you want them to know about early in the onboarding process. This way they’ll be prepared to move forward as quickly as you are.
  • Use smart scheduling tools to instantly calculate the appropriate timing and frequency of your services.
  • Provide customers with access to additional resources they can use to improve their relationship with your pest control company. It’s also a good idea to direct them to resources that can improve their own business, such as tips to prevent common pests seen around commercial business. However, it’s possible to provide them with too much information all at once. Prevent information overload by making sure the resources you direct them to are clear, concise and easily digestible.

If you’re looking to improve your customer onboarding process, one of the best ways to do so is to put yourself in their shoes. Focus on providing stellar customer service from the outset of your relationship. Continue to approach the relationship from your customer’s perspective to help you establish processes that enhance their experience.

When done correctly, effective customer onboarding makes life easier for everyone involved and frames your relationship in the best possible light.

The key to it all is keeping it simple. When you don’t, you run the risk of damaging your new customer relationship before demonstrating how well you will handle their future pest control needs.

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