How to Attract and Hire the Best Pest Control Technicians

A big priority for many pest control companies is finding and retaining top technicians. They are the face of the company and the crucial link between customers and your services. Without a solid team of dedicated, highly trained technicians with great attitudes, the rest of your operations will suffer.

The issue is so important that a full one-third of the industry considers recruitment and retention a top challenge. Fortunately, finding great techs doesn’t have to be complicated. This quick guide to successful recruitment can help.

Start now. Summer will be here before you know it. By hiring and training early, you’ll get a jump on the competition and your techs will be ready to hit the ground running when the calls come pouring in.

Stand out on the job boards. It might be time to shake up the job description you’ve been using. Stand out from the others by showing your personality. Today’s techs want a place that fits their needs and their personality. Put your perks and benefits up front and let them know why you are different from the dudes down the street. And don’t forget about technology. Millennials use it every day. Add technology to your list of perks, it’s one they’ll appreciate, and it will differentiate you from the competition.

Post jobs where they’ll see it. If you’ve been relying on Craigslist to spread the word about your open positions, it’s time to branch out and put open positions right on your website.

Mobile-friendly. Many great candidates will pass on your posting if you make applying difficult. We live in the world of tweets and instant texts. About 45 percent of job seekers use their mobile device to search for jobs at least once a day. Make the application process simple by directing candidates to your pest control website (and make sure it’s mobile friendly!)

Start an employee referral program. The best sources are right in front of you, your current team. Talk to your techs. Dollars to donuts, they know someone who knows someone. Reward them when their referral becomes your newest technician. 

Know what you want. Go beyond the job description and qualifications you’d like and write out a list of the qualities you’d like to see in your ideal technician. That may be someone with a good attitude, previous experience and a strong attention to detail.

Act quickly and kindly. Time matters. Act quickly when you get a potential candidate that checks all the boxes. Meet them in person and show them why your pest control company is an ideal place to work, today and in the future. Low unemployment rates mean candidates have the upper hand, so you’ve got to work for it.

Screen carefully. As you review applications, pay special attention to their experience, job history and most importantly, personality. Finding the right fit is more than what’s on a piece of paper. You’ve worked hard to build a company culture.

Interview thoughtfully. Ask your candidates questions. This can help you learn more about their relevant experience while also giving you good insight into their communication style. Those who make the cut should progress to a phone screen or in-person interview. Take care to ask questions that will tell you how they handle problems. “Tell me about a time when …” questions are especially good for this.

Once you think you’ve found the right candidate, check their references for any last-minute red flags and then make the job offer if everything looks good. It’s worth the extra time and effort to get it right.

Your entire team needs to be strong, but good technicians may be the most critical part of your success. That’s why we created this new eGuide, How to Attract & Retain Top Pest Control Technicians, to help you attract, hire and keep top technicians.

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