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5 Pest Control Software Features You Should Be Looking For

Pest control companies continuously look for buggy and crawly things in and around people’s homes and offices. Their main job is to keep these areas pest-free using proven technology and applications. However, despite using technology to eliminate pests, most businesses miss out on potential software opportunities that can make their daily work much more efficient.

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Pest control companies continuously look for buggy and crawly things in and around people’s homes and offices. Their main job is to keep these areas pest-free using proven technology and applications. However, despite using technology to eliminate pests, most businesses miss out on potential software opportunities that can make their daily work much more efficient.

With the right pest control software, you can save money and earn more by digitizing your entire paperwork, automating your critical business processes, and aligning all the forms in a single network. 

What is pest control software?

Pest control software is a solution that equips your pest control company to run smoothly and more efficiently, saving on time and money. A tool like this will power your business to work in sync, easing up many areas of your business. It tracks and records calls, alerts and coordinates technicians, allows easy and quick billing and invoicing, and gives you all you need to increase your revenue with easy-to-use solutions. Below, we are expanding on these exciting features.

Top Pest Control Software Features That Should Be On Your List

The top pest control software features offer plenty of immediate and long-term benefits. These include improved customer experience, time and money savings, and ways to prevent or avoid mistakes that could easily influence your pest business’s productivity and efficiency.

At FieldRoutes, we pride ourselves on helping businesses like yours automate tasks and optimize their routes for maximum efficiency. Here are some of the top  FieldRoutes software features our customers love.

Easy-to-use dashboards with analytics

Data helps make critical business decisions. With the FieldRoutes Operations Suite, you will get a user-friendly dashboard with reporting capabilities that make it easy to view all the information you need and right when you need it. Our software shows real-time data that allows your managers to have a clear picture of what’s happening and set up alerts, organize teams with tasks, or export the data so they can view it in their own way. 

Permission-based and interactive, our B2B software for pest control is your biggest ally giving you a clear picture on how your business is doing. You can view your current active customers or subscribers, see which of them owe you, how efficient your technicians are, etc. You can create custom reports and make your life easier – the visuals you’ll get in the dashboard area are interactive and make your business priorities crystal clear.

Advanced mobile app capabilities

With the FieldRoutes software mobile app, you can run your business on the go and rely on advanced technology every step of the way. Our mobile application equips you with powerful features, connecting your technicians and managers and giving them all the tools they need to boost performance and close more deals in the field.

Our mobile pest control software technology simplifies the buying process – you can do anything from signing contracts to accepting payments and starting work the same day. More importantly, managers will see a sales leaderboard with all the employees who performed the best, keeping track of which clients have been serviced and which are next on the list.

Using pest control software with mobile features is not a privilege, but a common need among technicians. Adopting such a solution enables them to view and manage their routes, preview their client’s contact information, visit notes, outstanding balances, and pending appointments (all in one tab), and log all the products used in each visit.

Streamlined payments and collections

The FieldRoutes B2B software for field service companies automates all the manual tasks associated with payments and collections, setting a new standard in how way your pest control business gets paid. Our advanced pest control software billing features won’t waste a second of your time trying to find new ways to increase your profits. Instead, it will always present easy-to-manage information directly at your fingertips.

As a result, you can update payment information, leverage autopay technology for more convenient operations, expedite tasks by batching payments into groups, and give customers an easy way to settle their accounts. The payments and collections portal makes your pest control accounting convenient – you can export data and view invoices, subscriptions, appointments, and service notifications. It also integrates with the other features of our pest control software Operations Suite, giving you enhanced reporting that removes any guesswork on when a contract was settled or why a payment was returned.

Minimize your drive time and save money on fuel with Field Service Routing

If you are struggling with inefficiencies when optimizing your routes, you need an intuitive field service routing solution to help you cut back your fuel expenses and time spent on the road. Unfortunately, plenty of pest companies find it difficult to manage their technicians' routes, experiencing costs that take a serious bite out of their profits. 

FieldRoutes has you covered with a solution that optimizes your routes – our pest control software utilizes real-time data and variables to provide predictive routing and scheduling that gives your technicians a clear path to their destination.

Managing your fleet is a breeze with our field service routing software – a solution that reduces your miles, fuel consumption, and vehicle wear and tear. 

Agile processes made possible by powerful APIs

If you want to experience the FieldRoutes pest control software automation and make information easy to share, our application programming interface (API) features have you covered. With it, you can receive data requests and send immediate responses. A solution like this equips your pest control business and makes it easy for two systems to share essential information, resulting in easy integrations for third-party applications, multiple data sources used within one system, and no more redundant data entries.

Are you struggling with pest control bookkeeping? An API integration lets you run reports as easily as 1-2-3. Our field service software integrates with QuickBooks® Online, allowing you to handle bookkeeping tasks, create customized reports, keep track of all expenses, store your tax information in one place, and so on. 

Ready to accelerate your business?

Scaling your business has never been easier. Now, you have all the pest control software features to rely on. With FieldRoutes, you can achieve the best version of your brand, take complete control over your team, and automate all the critical tasks to grow and scale your business.

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