Truly Nolen Carolina Case Study

Truly Nolen Carolina purchased an existing business and needed to upgrade its operations to reflect the professionalism and high standards of Truly Nolen.

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About the Company

Truly Nolen Carolina is a trusted provider of pest control in Charlotte, North Carolina. A part of the Truly Nolen family with 95 locations in the U.S. and 200-plus franchises in 61 countries. Truly Nolen Carolina focuses on residential pest control but also meets the needs of highly specialized commercial clients, some of which require extremely sanitary conditions and specific protocols for medical, manufacturing and food service operations. With two locations, its highly seasonal business model deftly adapts to fluctuations in service demands while it provides stellar pest control to its loyal client base.

The Challenge

Truly Nolen Carolina purchased an existing business and needed to upgrade its operations to reflect the professionalism and high standards of Truly Nolen. The new franchise owners wanted to shift operations to a paperless, technologically-friendly, data-backed system and away from the legacy system that was not equipped to meet their business goals. They needed a way to maximize efficiencies — and profits — in every way possible.

The Solution

Truly Nolen started using the FieldRoutes™ operations suite in 2014, almost immediately after purchasing the existing business. The FieldRoutes operations suite enabled them to streamline practices that previously were spread across multiple platforms. It implemented the advanced CRM solution and adopted the apps for sales reps and technicians. It suddenly became much faster and easier to sign up new customers, schedule services on an optimized route, and collect payment.

The Impact

Truly Nolen Carolina spends far less time dealing with administrative tasks than the legacy operation it acquired. It eliminated unnecessary obstacles and transformed into a model of efficiency for the entire national corporation. Regular product improvements and responsiveness to feature recommendations have allowed Truly Nolen to make continual business improvements and enhance the satisfaction experienced by its customers.

Since implementing the FieldRoutes operations suite, Truly Nolen Carolina has:

  • Experienced growth in loyal customers who love the ease of managing their accounts
  • Saved time and money by transitioning to a 100% paperless system of scheduling, servicing and completing orders
  • Leveraged automation features to maximize efficiencies in critical areas of the business, allowing administrative employees to get more done and technicians to service more

"Our franchises want to know how we operate as efficiently as we do. They often have admins in the office until 8 or 9 pm handentering completed orders and the day’s new sales. Because of PestRoutes, we’ve been able to eliminate overtime hours and significantly reduce labor costs."

Truly Carolina LLC,
Of Truly Nolen, North Carolina
701 East Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28203-5113
(704) 910-2936

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