National Exterminating Company Case Study

After seven years of using a competitor’s software, the National Exterminating Company needed a new partner.

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After seven years of using a competitor’s software, the National Exterminating Company needed a new partner.

About The Company

National Exterminating Company is a full-service termite and pest control company based in Newport News, VA, and has serviced the surrounding area since 1975. Providing services to both residential and commercial clients, they annually treat more than 17,000 termite customers and more than 5,000 pest control customers every year. With 42 technicians, 16 office employees, and five sales representatives, their mission is to be the best service company possible.

The Challenge

Working with a Disk Operating System (DOS) since 2004, the National Exterminating Company researched software providers and switched to a FieldRoutes’ competitor in 2011. However, after seven years, the system stopped working for them for multiple reasons. First, the reporting system provided only a limited amount of information. Therefore, they had to manually compile numerous reports in Excel to get to the information they needed. This made it difficult when it came time to forecast. Second, service notifications to their customers had to be mailed on a postcard because there was no automation. Additionally, when they requested a specific form, it would take up to a year or more to implement, a they were never notified about software updates, so their software would change during the middle of the day.

The Solution

When looking for a new software provider, the two main criteria most important to the National Exterminating Company were ease of use and flexibility. After researching multiple companies on the internet and meeting a sales representative at PestWorld, National Exterminating Company started using the FieldRoutes™ operations suite in 2018. Since implementation, its revenue and production have increased, and scheduling and routing are easier. By taking advantage of route optimization, they have seen a significant decrease in drive time. Before FieldRoutes, 59% of payments were by check. Today, 59% of the payments are with a credit card. Additionally, they no longer have to manually calculate their collections.

The Impact

FieldRoutes has made a positive impact on every department at the National Exterminating Company. The comprehensive dashboard gives the owner more visibility at-a-glance without using manual reports. Production is easier to track, and customers are happier since they can make credit card payments through the customer portal.

By implementing the FieldRoutes platform, National Exterminating Company has:

  • Decreased technician drive time
  • Increased credit card payments
  • Increased revenue and productivity

“Don’t be afraid of change ... FieldRoutes took our company to a whole new level.”

National Exterminating Company
12484 A Warwick Blvd
Newport News, VA 23606
(757) 599-3621

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