Dynasty Pest Control Case Study

A demand generation platform integrated seamlessly with CRM software grew Dynasty Pest Control’s business while saving them time and money.

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A demand generation platform integrated seamlessly with CRM software grew Dynasty Pest Control’s business while saving them time and money

About The Company

Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Dynasty Pest Control has been in business since 2010. The company operates out of one location with six technicians and two office staff employees/sales representatives. With highly trained experts and products certified and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency, they have built a reputation for reliability and an unwavering quality of service. It has developed a highly effective pest control process that not only eliminates pests but also minimizes their return while keeping families, pets, and belongings safe. But what stands out the most is its company culture that aims to deliver a customized pest control plan that fits its customers’ specific needs and budget.

The Challenge

Dynasty Pest Control began using the PestRoutes® platform in 2016 to manage its field service, streamline its office management, and provide business metrics. Providing a customized pest control plan to its customers is a high priority, and it became evident that Dynasty Pest Control needed customization for itself as well. The best customization involves as many relevant, effective options as possible. And about six months into using PestRoutes software, Dynasty Pest Control managers realized that they needed additional options such as an effective way for customers to input information, the ability to track sales, and a strategic marketing strategy and tools if they were going to have a fully customized experience for their own business needs.

The Solution

Initially, Dynasty Pest Control’s website contact page was outdated. There were too many questions asked, and potential customers’ information wasn’t being submitted. While they did look at other marketing services, Dynasty Pest Control chose the FieldRoutes™ sales and marketing suite because of the ease of integration with operations suite that would give it an end-to-end solution that would help it acquire new customers, provide superior pest control service, collect revenue, and view its true ROI. Using Google best practices, the sales and marketing suite provided new tools for Dynasty Pest Control’s website that accurately represents its brand, promotes its services, and consistently converts visitors into customers. This included incorporating local SEO and buy services online. Its new and improved site is fully integrated with its PestRoutes account. Reviews and customer deals can immediately be seen on the website, and Dynasty Pest Control maintains the ability to adjust pricing and scheduling as needed.

The Impact

The sales and marketing demand generation platform, seamlessly integrated with the FieldRoutes operations suite software, helped Dynasty Pest Control see an increase in the number of leads they attract and convert into customers. The number of forms completed is up by 286%, website clicks went up by 69%, and calls have increased by 168%. As a result, online buys are up by 167%. Dynasty Pest Control is also experiencing an increase in time. With Cloud-based mobile applications, work can be done anywhere at any time. Having more time allows the team to funnel it into areas that bring a more significant return to its business rather than spending it on repetitive busywork that isn’t adding to their bottom-line. When asked what value they have seen with using FieldRoutes, CEO Chad Scroggins responded, “We love it. We don’t have to micro-manage it, so it saves us a ton of time. So, no more getting back from working in the field to do hours of inputting info into our prior software.” The saying goes that “Time is money.” Dynasty’s return on marketing spend increased by 179%. With the end-to-end solution provided by FieldRoutes, Dynasty Pest Control has saved time and increased its customer base, and its bottom line is looking up too.

Since implementing FieldRoutes, Dynasty Pest Control has:

  • Experienced an increase of forms by 286%
  • Increased the number of calls by 168%
  • Raised online buys by 167%
  • Decreased its average cost per customer by 29%
  • Increased website clicks by 69%

“Implementing FieldRoutes saves me a lot of time. There’s no more getting back from working in the field and doing hours of input. We love it.”

Chad Scroggins, Owner
25 Highland Park Village #100-266
Dallas, TX 85205

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