Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife Case Study

Partnering with FieldRoutes™ put Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife in a position to compete with nationally recognized companies.

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Partnering with FieldRoutes™ put Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife in a position to compete with nationally recognized companies.

About The Company

Initially founded in 1973, Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife has been providing Memphis and the surrounding areas of Tennessee with residential and commercial pest services for more than 45 years. Customer service is the company’s top priority, and as a result, they are consistently looking for ways to better themselves so they can better provide for their community. Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife operates from one location. The company has five technicians and two office staff members. Each team member participates in the sales process.

The Challenge

Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife was using a Microsoft Window’s based software that was “bulletproof” for a while. The problem was they could not automate calls and text messages to their customers. In addition, they were printing technicians’ routes and filing papers on a daily basis. As they continued to evolve and go through changes, they knew that they needed a way to work more efficiently in all aspects of their business, including marketing. The website was outdated, no one was checking the content for grammar, and a general refresh was in order.

The Solution

After learning about different options and making some comparisons, FieldRoutes™ rose to the top. Jill Rayman, owner of Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife, explains that they needed something that made sense financially for both customers and employees. So that’s where they started. Implementing the FieldRoutes operations suite brought the needed automation into the business. Automated payment notifications, appointment reminders, and customer renewals all helped Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife and their customers save time and money. After exploring the FieldRoutes company website, Jill discovered the FieldRoutes™ sales and marketing suite. She took advantage of the integrated system that now provides her an end-to-end solution for acquiring customers, providing superior services, collecting revenue, and seeing their true ROI. Concerns about automation became a thing of the past, as Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife are now experiencing fully automated form and lead generation, the ability for their website visitors to buy pest control online, and a fully integrated customer portal.

The Impact

Convenience in their way of work has been the most significant impact for Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife as Jill explains that “everything is in one package and streamlined.” They are able to do and accomplish more with less effort. The number of services they provided doubled within their first two years of using FieldRoutes, but they noticed that their fuel usage didn’t increase significantly. They couldn’t schedule by mileage before, but now, technicians are more efficient as they go from job to job with route optimization. The autopay feature makes life easier for everyone too. Time is saved because they now do not have to contact customers every month to pay. On the first and the 15th of the month, customer accounts and cards are billed, and there’s nothing left to do. They used to spend $200 to $400 per month on postage. That same amount of money now lasts them three months.

Jill’s favorite and most valued aspect of the FieldRoutes operations suite is scheduling. FieldRoutes has eliminated the busy work of contacting customers every month to schedule services. Jill’s team is able to use the text feature to make contact, and they have found that their customers prefer that method of communication. In addition, Jill’s assistant can do other, more efficient things that enable her to bring in more money to the company. As a result, Jill says that “scheduling is glorious.”

Another glorious thing is Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife’s website. The FieldRoutes sales and marketing suite’s team “keeps everything updated and looking good.” Now, with the Buy Pest Control Online feature, website visitors easily convert into customers in the moment. Likewise, Jill says the best thing about working with FieldRoutes for marketing her company is that they make her company “appear to be as large or as good as some of the national companies.” Her company is now up to date with technology, and their numbers show that they are strong competitors with those national companies. Between 2018 and 2021, Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife’s number of customers increased by 39.7%, along with a 62.9% increase in the total dollar amount collected in customer sales.

But behind FieldRoutes is the people who work there. According to Jill, both suites are easy to use, but a “huge reason why I went with them is because of the helpline. There was no additional charge for the support. If I need a change or some help, it gets done in a timely manner.” Partnering with FieldRoutes has lead to conveniences for the office and field staff and creates ongoing wins for the whole company.

Since partnering with both FieldRoutes, Dart Pest, Lawn & Wildlife has

  • Increased their number of customers by 39.7%
  • More than doubled the number of services provided
  • Experienced a 62.9% increase in the dollar amount collected in customer sales

“My favorite thing about the FieldRoutes sales and marketing suite is that it makes our company appear to be as large or as good as some of the national companies.”

Jill Rayman, Owner
6343 Summer Ave. Suite 102
Bartlett, Tennessee 38134

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