Pest Control Service Agreement

The final step in the sales process is to get a signed pest control contract from your customer. FieldRoutes makes this easy by providing pest control form templates that can be easily edited for each service type you offer. Use, edit, and send forms free of charge as part of your subscription.

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FieldRoutes helps field service companies simplify, scale, and grow.

Crystal Clear Transparency

A well-written, easy-to-understand pest control contract form can do more than help you lock in some valuable recurring business. It can also provide much-needed transparency to your customers by setting clear expectations and letting them know key details about your services. Pricing details, which pests are covered, frequency of service, and more are all spelled out in the pest control contracts you choose to use.  

Ready When And Where You Are

Our contract templates are responsive and designed to look good on all devices, no matter the screen size. With FieldRoutes, you can get pest control service agreements signed digitally in the field from our mobile app and service your new client right away. When combined with our innovative payment technology, you’ll be able to accept electronic payments from anywhere at any time. This added convenience reduces tedious paperwork and helps improve your customer service experience.

Customizable Templates

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One pest control contract template doesn’t serve all. Every business is different and offers unique services, terms, pricing, and payment schedules. That’s why FieldRoutes includes multiple templates that can be edited as you see fit, allowing you to personalize them for the specific needs of your business.

Post-Sale Convenience

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Once an agreement is signed, your FieldRoutes™ software can automatically email a welcome letter to your customer, which includes a copy of the signed contract for their records. You can also upload a pdf document to the email, allowing you to share a pest control service agreement pdf with your new customer.

What Should Your Agreements Address?

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Regardless of the pest control service agreement template you use, a few standard items should be addressed. Here’s a quick overview.

  • Length Of The Agreement: Is the agreement set to expire after a set number of months, or does it automatically renew? Adding this information can help set expectations for your customer and can help you create accurate forecasts for future revenue.

  • Coverage Specifications: Clearly identify what the service does and does not cover. Also, if your company offers free re-treats, be sure to specify any stipulations you have in place. Customers often assume that the pest control service covers every single pest type, resulting in unrealistic expectations. This can lead to some sticky situations in the future. Instead, take the time to make sure you are both on the same page so you can avoid any unnecessary misunderstandings.

  • Relevant State Regulations: Each state has its own pest control regulations that you need to comply with. Be sure to include any relevant terms or language that needs to be added to ensure you don’t get stuck with any fines.

  • Terms Of Cancelation: Service cancelations are an unfortunate but sometimes unavoidable part of the business. Identifying the correct protocol—including any applicable cancellation fees—can keep customers from being surprised should they need to cancel services for whatever reason.

Why Service Agreements Are Important

At first glance, a month-to-month arrangement may seem like the more customer-friendly way to go. However, a solid pest control service agreement can help get you and your customer on the same page before money exchanges hands and service begins. Likewise, your agreements can be useful for revenue forecasts and may prove to be useful should you ever need to secure additional funding for your business.