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FieldRoutes™ Payments

Want to make managing your payments easier? FieldRoutes Payments is built to make payment processing a breeze for you and your customers.

  • Account Updater – For customers that save their payment card on file, FieldRoutes Payments automatically updates customer card details if cards are lost, stolen, or expired. This eliminates the need for any manual updates.
  • Single Stop For ACH And Credit Card Payments – Take the hassle out of managing multiple payment resources but keep the flexibility. Seamlessly handle both ACH and credit card payments from one application.
  • AutoPay Trigger Rule – Build rules that automatically submit designated invoices for payment with no review or manual interaction. Here’s what Brandon Holmes, VP of Customer Success at Hawx, LLC had to say about it, “Fantastic! Love it! In all our meetings, we are bragging about it. It is a full-time equivalent person that no longer has to sit around and push a button. A full-time equivalent employee ran payments every day, and that is a waste of time. I like that you do it early in the morning. It’s fantastic. I like it a lot.”

If you're not using FieldRoutes Payments and want to see if we can meet or beat* your current price, call us at 404.800.7378 ext. 1216 or email Monson Welch.

*Subject to a review of your processing statements and does not apply to merchant pricing below cost.

Product Update

Intelligent Routing

We know this is your busy season and it’s important to stay as efficient as possible—especially with gas prices still high. FieldRoutes can help you make the most out of optimizing multiple routes at once. The FieldRoutes Operations Suite includes two automated route features that help with creating routes in bulk.

Intelligent Routing looks at all your customers due for service based on specific filtering criteria that you define and creates optimized routes either by preferred technician or preferred region that can then be assigned to technician workdays. This is ideal for creating several routes at once and gives you extra control over the technician and day assigned.

Fill Routes is another automated tool that looks at all your customers due for service and will “fill in” any existing routes that have been previously created. It creates optimized routes based upon the filtering and configuration parameters the user specifies, similar to Intelligent Routing. This is ideal if you use the auto-scheduling tool for any of your customers. If you have any questions about these features, please email our Support team.

FieldRoutes™ Mobile App Webinar

If you missed the Tips & Tricks Series webinar, Out With The Old, In With The New: Introducing FieldRoutesMobile App, from Thursday, June 9, you can listen to the recording here.

Beta Programs

This is your chance to influence the way FieldRoutes software is built! We’re always looking for customer feedback, and we want your first-hand experience and participation in helping shape the future of our products. Send your information to our Product team, and we’ll keep you posted on future Beta programs to participate in.

Customer Success

Tips & Tricks Series

Diagramming, Scanning, And Equipment Set-Up Made Easy

Join us on Thursday, July 21 at 1 pm CT for our next Tips & Tricks Series webinar, Diagramming, Scanning, And Equipment Set-Up Made Easy. Daniel Brown, Customer Success Manager, and Jon Ridley, Associate Manager, Implementation Analyst, will demonstrate how to set up equipment on the desktop and the proper way to record equipment use in the field.

Additionally, they’ll share their expertise in diagramming a property, including how to mark the location of the equipment on the property and the best way to read the reports in your FieldRoutes software. Click here to register.

If you have trouble joining the webinar, please reach out to Support or send an email to our Analyst team, and someone will help you.

The Admin Tab: A Focus On Access Controls And User Management

On Thursday, August 4 at 1 pm CT, our Tips & Tricks Series webinar will be focused on the admin tab and user access controls. We'll review the different access controls available, how to use them, and focus on new ones for features such as the new FieldRoutes Mobile app, access controls for the Estimation Tool, and QuickBooks® Online. 

We’ll also go over how to limit access to prevent employees from being able to perform specific tasks or block certain areas of the system. Look for more information on this topic, including how to register, in an email coming soon.

Advanced Scheduling Webinars

We’ve added more dates to our popular series! If you’re interested in more advanced training on Map View Scheduling, Fill Routes, and Intelligent Routing, then register below and join us every other Thursday at 2 pm CT for our Advanced Scheduling Training webinars:


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Reasonable Suspicion Part II: Pathways To Effective Action  

Don’t miss Reasonable Suspicion Part II: Pathways To Effective Action at 12 pm CT on Thursday, July 28, when Micheal Barnes, President of Unique Backgrounds, dives into substance abuse in the workplace and tackles what constitutes initial suspicion, who can perform an evaluation, why shifting environments is important, and the type of language used. Click here to register.  

If you missed Reasonable Suspicion Part I: Recognizing The Signs And Symptoms Of Impairment, you can watch it here.

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The FieldRoutes team has a busy summer on the road and we can’t wait to see everyone in person. Come visit us at the Lawn & Landscape Technology Conference from August 10-12 at the Fairmont Scottsdale Princess in Scottsdale, AZ. Click here to register.


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